Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Muscle Shoals Sound - Sons of Roswell

Support that Muscle Shoals Sound by supporting a band from the Shoals.... Sons of Roswell.

It's really simple to do. Just a few clicks and a few hours of kick ass rock and roll music to listen to.

I'll let J.D. from Sons of Roswell explain:


Go here: www.mytracks.com/sonsofroswell

For those of you who may not know, we are playing a showcase in Atlanta for the Atlantis Music Conference. We are involved in a contest to get another spot on the showcase and need your help! The link above will take you to our MyTracks page. The album, a full live set from the Hummingbird in Macon, GA and 5 new tracks have been loaded here for your listening pleasure for a limited time.

We get 1 point for every play, 3 points if you get a mytracks and add our song to your profile, and 6 points if you download a song. So please, at least head over and listen to the songs over and over again this week. That's all, this week... Everyday until Sunday.

Doing this helps us out a ton.

You can find out more about Atlantis here.
The Sons are currently numero uno. Let's keep it that way.

Atlantis People's Choice Awards Leaderboard

I'm currently listening to the very fine Live Hummingbird show. They opened for Jason Isbell at this show.

Support good damn music and people.


He's ugly and nobody.... I mean NOBODY likes him.

With a knee banjo or without... zee love affair with Shrub in Bama is over.

Alabama. Always a few years behind.

Daily Kos: Bush Tanking in Alabama


Might be a bit of a stretch to connect Bush with the Barry Bonds debacle but it makes for an interesting discussion.

Two people who are roundly loathed by all except their hometown folks.... Bonds and Bush.

Unfortunately, I live in Barry's 'hometown' and it is painfully striking too see otherwise very rational, smart people blindly support such a cheatin' POS as Bonds.

Hear me when I say blind loyalty is not just for conservatives.

The difference between the blindly loyal liberal and the blindly loyal conservative is that liberal blindly support a cheatin' jackass sports star.... guys doing nothing but swinging at a little ball and running around on a field.

Conservatives blindly support a cluster f*ck president who pisses on the constitution after ever 3rd near beer.... and cheatin' jackass sports stars.

Barry Bonds’ Homerun Race Puts Bush’s Steroids Record In The Spotlight:

With 754 career home runs, San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds is one shy of tying the revered home run record set by Hall of Famer Hank Aaron. Bonds’ record will be “tainted by allegations he used steroids.”

In an interview with ESPN’s Karl Ravech earlier this month, President Bush was asked for his take on the Bonds situation. “You know, it’s hard for me to tell,” Bush said. Echoing a line he uttered in the early stages of the CIA leak scandal, Bush said he was waiting for the facts. “I know there’s a lot of implications, my advice is for people just to wait and see what the facts are,” he said."

This is why 'very serious' news sources (the MSM) aren't really very serious at all. D.C. is like high school.

Why do we let these people run the show again?

You shouldn't look... but you know you will.

TheHill.com - 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill - Top 10


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