Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's close to midnight.....

.....and something evil's lurking in the dark

Let's start off fun today.

If I have to go to prison, I want it to be in the Philippines.

Why? More time working on choreography and less time getting butt raped.

Behold 1500 Philippines inmates performing "Thriller". Awesome.


Can you feel the love?

Political Wire: Bush Hits 25% Approval


Excellent article in the NY times. Hard to pick which part to snip so be sure to read the entire thing

Just What the Founders Feared: An Imperial President Goes to War - New York Times:

"The nation is heading toward a constitutional showdown over the Iraq war. Congress is moving closer to passing a bill to limit or end the war, but President Bush insists Congress doesn’t have the power to do it. “I don’t think Congress ought to be running the war,” he said at a recent press conference. “I think they ought to be funding the troops.” He added magnanimously: “I’m certainly interested in their opinion.”
Given how intent the president is on expanding his authority, it is startling to recall how the Constitution’s framers viewed presidential power. They were revolutionaries who detested kings, and their great concern when they established the United States was that they not accidentally create a kingdom.
John Jay, the first chief justice of the United States, noted in Federalist No. 4 that “absolute monarchs will often make war when their nations are to get nothing by it, but for the purposes and objects merely personal.”

Olbermann at his very best.... You can tell he's paying attention because he is pissed.


Christians! Honest to God, real Christians. So refreshing.

These are the good guys.

Religious group praises Edwards' response to gay marriage question - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

"I'm Rev. Reggie Longcrier, I'm the Pastor of Exodus Missionary Outreach Church in Hickory, North Carolina. Senator Edwards says his opposition to gay marriage is influenced by his Southern Baptist background. Most Americans agree it was wrong and unconstitutional to use religion to justify slavery and segregation and deny women the right to vote. So, why is it still acceptable to use religion to deny gay Americans their full and equal rights?"

"In answering Rev. Longcrier's question, Senator Edwards made an important commitment to not allow his personal religious beliefs to restrict the rights of any American," added Rev. Creech. "We congratulate him and encourage all leaders and candidates to give serious consideration to this issue and how they will represent the interests of this nation."

"Millions of gay Americans struggle every-day against the misuse of religion to perpetuate prejudice and inequality," said Creech. "These individuals don't just fight bigotry when they're denied the right to marry their partners, they combat it on the street, in the workplace, in their children's schools, and in every other aspect of their lives. Religion-based prejudices pervade and profoundly shape the daily experiences of these people and I'd like to commend my friend Rev. Longcrier for furthering the national dialogue for those and all Americas on this critically important subject."


How to create an Angry American. Must see.


A small, tinsy-eensy bitty bit of sanity returns.

Government To Lift Lighter Ban On Planes:
'Taking lighters away is security theater,' Transportation Security Administration chief Kip Hawley told The Times in an interview."

I leave you with gas.

best of craigslist : Wanfu Date Farts

... I just hope I have the courage to let my bowels loose with an echoing noise of displeasure next time I hear something I don't appreciate.


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