Thursday, July 05, 2007

Songs about the Southland

Hey y'all.

This is been the longest I've ever gone with out blogging... about 4 days now. I'm achin' to get back to it, but, internet access in the Shoals is a bit of a bitch.

I appreciate all the kind words, comments, emails, etc regarding my grandpa. He was a good one and he'll be missed.

Yet, life goes on and with the bad comes some good.

I'll be in town for Jason Isbell's Siren's release show and I'm pretty stoked for that. I'll get to see Miss Jenn B. and I'm REALLY stoked about that. This earth taketh away but it always giveth back.

Next week, expect some tales and pictures and again thanks for all the kind words.

From today's

....also, check out the sweet the ECard.

Isbell's solo career gets attention with release of CD

FLORENCE -- Jason Isbell didn't want every song on his debut album to sound the same.

Instead, he chose to explore a variety of blues, rock, country and soul -- music he grew up listening to and was exposed to as a young musician in the Shoals.

"I think I would have gotten a bit bored doing a record sounding too similar from one song to the next," Isbell said. "I subconsciously wanted to explore all angles of music from around here."

"My solo record sounds a lot different than the Truckers' records," Isbell said. "I'm not saying I won't ever play with those guys again."

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