Monday, August 06, 2007

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - SF, CA 8/4/07 Pt. 1

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
San Francisco, CA
Cafe du Nord

21 shows in less than a month before Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit cruise into my fair city of San Francisco.

I started the day scouring the city for an amp bass head for Jimbo who blew his out the night before. Luckily, one of the openers let the boys borrow theirs for the next two shows.

Things I learned: What the hell a amp bass head was.... And... amp bass heads, the goods ones, are freakin' expensive.

A damn good time was had by all as Jason and the boys brought down the house.

I'm still shaking cobwebs out and I'm sure I have a few stories to tell, but for today I'm just going with some pictures and comments.

I'll have more pictures up tomorrow with a full Week in Review.

Here is an attempt at a set list on Nine Bullets via rlrs

All the pics are super sized so give 'em a click.

The crew

You never know who you might run into. Here is the lovely Ms. Andrea from Athens, GA. Andrea is the girlfriend of Patrick Kerr aka Captain Kerr, DBT old road manager. She's a reader of AAW and a very cool chick. Just happened to be in SF for business. The dude she's with is some drunken sot who kept annoying people with his camera all night.

Pre-show. Apparently, these guys have been crammed into a van for so long that its just natural for Browan to sit on Ryan's lap.

Here's Browan striking a requested 'pose. That's right, work that camera, Browan. Work it!

Mr. Jimbo

Mr. Ryan gettin' funky on the skins.

The Man.

This rock and roll is making me thirsty!

Green room pic before the band went back out to satisfy the crowds want of "One More Song!!"

Offering the git-tar to the crowd

This is.... man, really, I'm not sure what we're doing.

Here's Ryan and Christy. Christy is Ryan's girlfriend and she owns Simp McGhee's in Decatur. We played Alabama two degrees of separation and found a person from Hartselle who we both have in common. Christy is a sweetie. Jason looks all spooky in the mirror.

That's all for today. More pictures and stories tomorrow.

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