Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sweet Tea

Mighty fine article on a mighty fine southern tradition. Damn, I wish I had a glass of it now. I wonder if the Burmese/Thai/Jamaican Bistro down the street could figure out how to make me a glass....

What makes Southern sweet tea so special?:

"Drinking sweet tea is one of the oldest and most exceptional Southern traditions. As Dolly Parton's character in Steel Magnolias puts it, it's the 'house wine of the South'—a clear, orange-to-red tinted tea brewed from six or seven Lipton or Luzianne tea bags, poured hot onto a cup or more of sugar or a pool of simple syrup, and then diluted into a gallon pitcher in the fridge. It's served over a mound of ice in a huge glass—so cold that you can watch your napkin drown in a puddle of condensation."

Another fine tradition is Alabama native and Atlanta Brave Hank Aaron being the all-time homerun record holder.

It's mighty fine that that tradition still carries on, too.

Hank was powered by sweet tea not hgh or the clear or the cream.

Hollow, not hallowed:

His numbers are nonsensical – most notably the absurd 73 homers in 2001, a total 19.7 percent greater than Roger Maris' mark of 61, which hasn't been touched without massive suspicion in 46 years and counting.

Forty-six year old records don't just fall by 19.7 percent. Or even by the 14.7 percent Mark McGwire exceeded Maris' record in 1998. If someone were to shave 19.7 percent off the current world record in the mile run (3:43.13), he'd finish at 2:59.2. Yes, a three-minute mile. You think you'd believe something so statistically improbable? How about 100-meter dash in 7.8 seconds? You think your grandkids would buy that one, or mock it as some old fish story?"

Guess what, they aren't going to believe 73, either. And without those, Bonds didn't pass Aaron."

Oh man, I hope this guy is the Republican candidate for President.... though "I married my 2nd cousin" Rudy might be a lot of fun too.

Below is Romney's response when asked why none of his 5 sons joined the military to fight this very serious War on Terra.

Way to defend your country, Romney boys!

Romney speaks up for sons' decisions:

" 'One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I'd be a great president.'"

6 more months... FOREVER! Rinse and Repeat

Iraq Timeline: The Broken Record on "the Next Few Months"


You can throw me in the Colbert County jailhouse for burglary.... but you better lock up the evidence room. Stealin' is in my blood.... so is rhyming.

Inmate accused of breaking into evidence room:

"A convicted burglar faces additional charges after being accused of breaking into an evidence room at the Colbert County Jail, an incident Colbert Sheriff Ronnie May says underscores the need for more jailers.

Colbert District Attorney Bryce Graham Jr. said Elijah Armstead Jr., 40, of Sheffield, has been charged with burglary in connection with the July 29 break-in of the evidence room in which guns, alcohol and drugs were taken.

May said none of the guns or alcohol made it onto the third floor of the jail where inmates are housed. 'There was some marijuana from some old, old cases that was dispensed in the jail and we got most of it back.'

Graham said the theft of the evidence did not compromise any pending court cases.

'We got all the evidence back except a little bit of the marijuana,' he said."


jitter said...

I always say- what this country really needs is "more jailers."

At least the guy got hisself a buzz.

JPW said...

I dig that they didn't get all of the weed back and the cop tried to play it off "it was old weed"

shit still works, especially if yer ass is in jail.