Friday, September 07, 2007

DBT WIR - 9/07/2007

A little WIR rant...

Here's a case where the 'free market' hasn't developed their technological infrastructure and therefore can't service their customers. So what do they do? They drop customers who use too much of their product. And keep in mind that the air ways including TV/Phone/Interent etc are PUBLIC. We the freakin' people own them.

A functioning government with intelligent people running it, applying smart regulation is needed in order to protect the consumer.

For my life I've never understood why anyone would rather put their trust in a business (let the free market decide conservatism) rather than an elected government. I'm the first to admit that both can be pretty incompetent, but at least you can vote stupid mofo's out of government.

Regulation can work. Regulation is needed. Governments can work. Governments are needed.

Shutting Down Big Downloaders:

"The rapid growth of online videos, music and games has created a new Internet sin: using it too much. Comcast has punished some transgressors by cutting off their Internet service arguing that excessive downloaders hog Internet capacity and slow down the network for other customers. The company declines to reveal its download limits"

ACL Fest: Meet the Bands - Patterson Hood:

"Austin Music Source: How do you plan to cope with Austin summer heat, will it cramp your onstage style?

Patterson Hood: I cope by drinking LOTS of water and LOTS of very cold beer. I used to drink the blood of teenaged runaways in the summer, but my wife found that really creepy and made me stop."

Shoals songwriter nominated | - Florence, AL:

"A hit song written by a Shoals native now residing in Nashville has been nominated for The Country Music Association's Song of the Year. Chris Tompkins co-wrote 'Before He Cheats' with Josh Kear and the song became a number one hit on the Billboard country charts for Carrie Underwood. The Song of the Year award goes to the writer and the primary publisher. Tompkins is a former resident of Muscle Shoals and has been working in Nashville as a songwriter since about 2000. 'Before He Cheats' has also been nominated for Single of the Year and Video of the Year."

Keeping the sound alive || Florence, AL

Donnie Fritts, who was on the ground floor when the Muscle Shoals music industry was launched nearly 50 years ago, has been selected for induction into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

Fritts, a Florence native who earned fame as a songwriter and music visionary, is one of five people who will make up the 12th hall of fame induction class. The others are Muscle Shoals native Boyd Bennitt, who wrote and sang the first two teenage rock 'n' roll hits; Huntsville native Ernie Ashworth, who was a country music songwriter; Fairfield native Cleveland Eaton, a renowned jazz bassist and composer; and Montgomery native Tommy Shaw, who played guitar with the group Styx.

The formal announcement of the inductees will be made today in Montgomery. The event, which will include performances from numerous individuals and groups with Alabama ties, will be Feb. 22 at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa convention center. The induction banquet will mark the grand opening of the convention center in Montgomery.

Sons of Roswell

"For one month we are a Coca-Cola featured artist. Click on the link above, enter the site and go to 'Media Central' and click on the 'Rock' link. Thanks!"

dbts : Message: Japancakes (no DBT):

"Japancakes has two new records coming out this fall, Giving Machines and Loveless. Give them a listen - you won't be disappointed!! The music is beautiful and inspiring. The downloadable version of the first release, Giving Machines, is available now on iTunes for only $7.92!! CD's will be available soon online and in stores for $16.95. Press release from Darla Records: JAPANCAKES' new Giving Machines & cover of MBV's Loveless. 8/25/2007 Darla has two new Japancakes records to offer this Fall. Athens, GA based experimental, instrumental, Americana group, Japancakes will have new album, Giving Machines, out 10/2. Then on 11/13 Darla will release Japancakes' cover My Bloody Valentine's classic Loveless record with pedal steel and cello in place of vocal and lead melodies - and without any distortion. A ballsy move for sure and it turned out great too. Super fun! You can pre-order both titles now. We'll ship mail order customers as early as possible. Giving Machines is available via iTunes 9/3. Please show your support and forward this email on to your friends and family!!"

Audra Brown Read Bulletin:

"This Friday nite, September 7, come and join me at the World Famous Buccanner Lounge on Monroe here in Memphis. I will be on stage at 9pm opening for the Double Shovel, whose sweet sounds I cannot get enough of!! Also, I will be playing in Peabody Park (COoper YOung neighborhood) this Sunday as part of the Six Flags Over Midtown Festival. A family festival with many rides and games for kids along with free food, drink and music. Those Darlins will be the headliners and they are awesome so come and join the fun this Sunday from noon to 5!!!"

dbts : Message: My Teenage Daughter:

"I just caught her secretly listening to DBT! I'm excited and thinking there might be hope for her after all. She's at the age where anything coming from dear ol' mom SUCKS!! Which, unfortunately, to her can even mean the DBT. But I just came home and caught her with 'Sinkhole' blaring and I heard her voice over the music, blaring out every word. Hmmmm . . . how does she know them? Ha! I could definitely think of much worse things to come home to!"

Member of New Bohemians fatally shot:

"DALLAS - Jeffrey Carter Albrecht, a keyboard player for the band Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, was shot to death early Monday while trying to kick in the door of his girlfriend's neighbor, police said. ADVERTISEMENT The neighbor believed a burglar was trying to break in and fired a shot through the door around 4 a.m., Dallas police spokesman Sgt. Gil Cerda said. Albrecht, 34, died at the scene. It was not clear why Albrecht went to the house and the case is under investigation. No arrests have been made."

Your e-mails: A tenor for heaven's choir:

"(CNN) -- Luciano Pavarotti died Thursday at the age of 71 after suffering from pancreatic cancer. I-Report contributors shared their memories of the famed opera tenor. Here is a selection of those stories:"

Rock stars more likely to die prematurely - Yahoo! News:

LONDON (Reuters) - Rock stars -- notorious for their "crash and burn" lifestyles -- really are more likely than other people to die before reaching old age.

"It found that musicians were most at risk in the first five years after achieving fame, with death rates more than three times higher than normal. Hendrix, Bon Scott of AC/DC and punk rocker Sid Vicious all died within five years of hitting the big time, said Bellis. Among British artists the risk of dying remains high until around 25 years after their first success, when they return to near normal life expectancy. That bodes well for rock survivors like The Who's 63-year-old Roger Daltrey, who famously first sang 'I hope I die before I get old' in the song 'My Generation' back in 1965."

Glitter to ask Vietnam for amnesty: lawyer:

"HANOI (AFP) - British pop singer Gary Glitter, jailed in Vietnam for child molestation, will ask the communist government to free him later this month in an amnesty, his lawyer said Thursday. ADVERTISEMENT Click here to find out more! The disgraced 1970s pop star has been behind bars since late 2005 and was sentenced to three years' jail in March 2006 for committing obscene acts with two girls, then aged 11 and 12, in a southern Vietnamese resort town. 'I hope Glitter will be given amnesty later this month to mark national day on September 2,' Glitter's lawyer Le Thanh Kinh told AFP."

'Thriller' prisoners prepare to make 'Electric Dreams' come true:

"The sea of orange moves with an urgent rhythm as music booms in the early morning light. The dancers twirl in unison, every movement carefully choreographed. But what's most striking about these dancers are that most are accused murderers, rapists and drug dealers. They dance their jig behind prison walls. They are led by a choreographer who is accused of mass murder. One of their biggest stars is a transsexual, awaiting trial on methamphetamine dealing charges. Welcome to the Cebu Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines. Once infamous for its gang violence, the prison is now famous for its dancing prisoners. Their hard work has spawned one of the unlikeliest hits on the Internet -- a reworking of Michael Jackson's 1980s smash hit video 'Thriller.' Filmed by the prison boss, it has drawn more than 6 million hits on YouTube.

Apple - Trailers - Great World of Sound:

"An audience-pleasing riff on the dirty underbelly of the American Idol phenomenon, GREAT WORLD OF SOUND stars Patrick Healy and Kene Holliday as Martin and Clarence, two normal southern guys who get caught up in the excitement of a record industry talent scouting scheme. Unemployed one day and record producers the next, Martin and Clarence have a blast signing new acts and hit the road looking for the next big thing. But what happens once the checks are cashed? Craig Zobel’s independent film bona fides are firmly in place: he served on the crew of David Gordon Green’s early films, and Green serves as executive producer of GREAT WORLD OF SOUND. But it may be more helpful to go into GREAT WORLD OF SOUND knowing that Zobel has recently made a living between films by working on reality TV shows like The Apprentice. “I became fascinated by how desperate people were to get on TV, but how little they seemed to care about how they were portrayed once they got there,” he says"

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townser said...

Please do not even get me started on the "free market". I argue constantly with my so-called 'enlightened' libertarian friends about it non-stop. Simply put, there is nothing free about the 'free market'.

Moving on to a much more enjoyable topic. I was psyched to see your mention of Donnie Fritts. Remember that he is not just Donnie Fritts, but Funky Donnie Fritts. LEGENDARY!!

JPW said...

Yeah, i don't understand the magic that claim that is unfettered markets. People are greedy and will fuck other people for money. The government needs to protect from this. It really is pretty simple and I have tombs of history to back me.

Fritts is another Shoals Legend fo' sho'.