Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baby Dram #1

Got the following text message yesterday:

Thomas Drake Harper
Born 3:55 p.m.
6lbs, 3 ozs.
Mom in great spirits.
Dad stupified.

Congrats Tony and Mrs. Tony Harper on the addition of a baby Dram to the mix.


How we roll in CA. If the Feds ain't gonna fix it.....

Facing South: California House shows how we can help the Gulf Coast

The two-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina has passed -- and people around the country saw that the people of the Gulf Coast are still in deep crisis. People ask me: what can we do now?

In our recent report Blueprint for Gulf Renewal, we outline concrete steps our national leaders can take to get the Gulf Coast back on its feet and ensure justice for all Gulf residents, not just special interests.

And yesterday, the California state house showed how people across the country can help push a new agenda for the Gulf. After months of mobilizing by students and other activists, the state assembly voted to support passage of a Gulf Coast Civic Works Project -- a visionary plan to create 100,000 good-paying jobs to rebuild the region (and one of the lead recommendations of our report).

God is a Democrat.

Hugh Hefner Uncut: DETAILS Article on

"Q: You’re a lifelong Democrat. Who’s your favorite candidate?
A: Either Obama or, er . . . Hilton.
Q: Paris?!
A: Yes! She’d make a great First Lady! No, I mean Hillary. I’ve given to both those campaigns equally."

This article is about cockfighting. How can I not post something that has 'cockfighting' in it.... and chicks in bikinis firing high powered weapons. I wish I had of come up with the idea first... Probably did come up with the idea first... just didn't do anything about it.

Always more fun to think about doing things than to actually do them.

People of the Web - Playing Chicken:
"MIAMI - Ask Jason Atkins about the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal, and his reaction is anger and disgust. 'I just thought, you know, [he's] gotta be the worst criminal I've ever seen,' he says. 'Girls and Guns' is among the features on Jason Atkins' ToughSportsLive Web site. Animal rights advocates might find that response surprising, because Atkins's Web network,, features live cockfighting from Puerto Rico — which, while legal there, is banned now in all 50 U.S. states. 'Our ultimate goal is to be a cultural website,' Atkins says of the site. 'To produce and show the world's various cultural sporting events.' So far, those cultural sporting events mostly involve blood and bikinis. In addition to cockfighting (which is shown on, a subchannel of ToughSportsLive), ToughSportsLive offers broadcasts of bare knuckles, no rules Brazilian jujitsu matches dubbed 'Rio Heroes,' and what Atkins says is a sport made for America, 'Girls and Guns,' in which women wearing bikinis accessorized with double-thigh holsters and high-healed combat boots compete in a shoot-off of weapons that could easily outfit an American combat platoon in Iraq — everything from M-249 SAWs to Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifles."

This is been an amazing (thought sad) story to watch from not too afar. The Sierra Nevada's ain't no joke. They'll swallow you up if given the chance.

Search for Fossett turns up wrecks of 8 other small planes:

An experienced pilot takes off in a single-engine plane on a clear day for a short flight to the Sierra Nevada and is never heard from again. Officials search for him without success, and his family is tormented by questions about his fate that nobody can answer. It's a familiar story, of course, because the headlines have been flooded with the so-far-unsuccessful search for millionaire aviator Steve Fossett, who took to the air Sept. 1 and remains missing in northern Nevada. But this one isn't a week old; it happened 43 years ago. And the massive hunt for Fossett may help resolve the enduring mystery surrounding Charles Ogle, then 41, who lifted off from Oakland in August 1964 but vanished en route to Reno."


Higher gasoline price seen trimming down Americans - Yahoo! News

And on the flip side....

News from The Associated Press:

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- The 100-pound woman who holds the world lobster-eating title will be trying her hand at burritos in a contest far from the land of TexMex. The diminutive Sonya Thomas of Alexandria, Va., is coming to Maine for the Costa Vida World Burrito Eating Championship on Sept. 22 at the Mexican restaurant."
Burrito eating championship... in Maine. That's like having a pigs-feet eating contest in Napa, CA.



Jez said...

I'm gonna have to cry bullshit on the study that people are going to lose weight because gas prices went up. Sounds like a conservative effort to show that higher gas prices are good. Nope. People that are fat and can drive somewhere, are going to do it even if it costs them a couple extra dollars.

AAW said...

It is a shaky study at best. You have to include some sort of public transportation in the mix.