Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't Head-Butt the Baby

My tank is truly empty at the moment so I'll just throw up a few things.

First, there's some of this (really a good, short read):

Paul Krugman - Op-Ed Columnist - New York Times Blog:

"Middle class America: That’s the country I grew up in. It was a society without extremes of wealth or poverty, a society of broadly shared prosperity, partly because strong unions, a high minimum wage, and a progressive tax system helped limit inequality. It was also a society in which political bipartisanship meant something: in spite of all the turmoil of Vietnam and the civil rights movement, in spite of the sinister machinations of Nixon and his henchmen, it was an era in which Democrats and Republicans agreed on basic values and could cooperate across party lines."

Then some of this (kick the baby! Don't kick the baby)

Police: Irate Woman Throws Baby At Trooper:
"NORTH EAST, Md. -- A Maryland mother was arraigned on drug and child abuse charges after police said she threw her 6-month-old child across a room at a police officer."

Then some more of this.... (tough time of the year to be a baby)

Robber Grabs Toddler During Bank Heist:

"A bank robber grabbed a toddler and held the boy at gunpoint while demanding thousands of dollars from a teller, authorities said. The startling scene was captured on surveillance video that shows the little boy staring up at the gun."

Then a little of this (look Ma, no hands... or arms... Or... 'I can kill a man with my bare... ummm...')

Autopsy: Head-Butt Didn't Cause Death:

"A man died of a heart attack after being head-butted by an armless man during a fight over a woman, and no felony charges will be filed, authorities said Wednesday. Investigators said they made the determination after learning that Charles Keith Teer, 49, had heart problems long before the confrontation with William Russell Redfern, an artist who has won recognition for drawings he does with his feet."

Then a little sporting wackiness from the Braves:



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