Tuesday, September 04, 2007

White Flour!

Roll Tide! First real test comes this Saturday, though.


Racists pieces of shit get punked hard by.... some clowns.

This is a great story

Snark is a powerful weapon. Looks towards the Daily Show.


"Saturday May 26th the VNN Vanguard Nazi/KKK group attempted to host a hate rally to try to take advantage of the brutal murder of a white couple for media and recruitment purposes. Unfortunately for them the 100th ARA (Anti Racist Action) clown block came and handed them their asses by making them appear like the asses they were."


“White Power!” the Nazi’s shouted, “White Flour?” the clowns yelled back running in circles throwing flour in the air and raising separate letters which spelt “White Flour”.

“White Power!” the Nazi’s angrily shouted once more, “White flowers?” the clowns cheers and threw white flowers in the air and danced about merrily.

More from the hypocritical 'values' crowd. This is just from the past 6 weeks.

Desperate defense of the 'values' crowd: Hypocrisy doesn't matter

"Republican Sexual Hypocrite reveals in the last month and a half:

* Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID), cruising for potty sex, somehow 'mistakenly' pleads guilty.
* Diaper David Vitter (R-LA) admits he's a 'bad', 'naughty' and 'nasty boy' with hookers.

* Glenn Murphy, Jr., the recently elected chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, caught sexually assaulting a sleeping man.

* former White house spiritual advisor and fallen megachurch pastor Tweaker Ted 'I'm completely heterosexual' Haggard asking whatever fans he has left for money.

* former NC Republican lawmaker and Christian Action League president, Coy C. Privette -- caught at the no-tell motel with a sex worker -- also guilty.

* Mark Foley is back in the news, he won’t turn over his former congressional computer to investigators.

* Rep. Bob Allen, another Republican, caught asking to blow an undercover officer and willing to pay $20 for the pleasure; currently coming up with an excuse for the day (scary black men, thunderstorms) for his same-sex appetite."

I'll get to this after the holidays.... yeah, that's the ticket.

The 10 Best Foods You Aren't Eating - Men's Health


An opus to Select Cola.

'2 dimes and a nic... you can get a taste of this'.

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