Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Roof is Literally on Fire

Wouldn't it save tax payer money to let nature take its course?

Republican's spare no expense when it comes to offing people.

The Raw Story | Alabama pushes to kill inmate before cancer does:

"Even though most US executions have been postponed due to a debate about lethal injection, the state of Alabama intends to execute Daniel Siebert on Thursday because of concerns that pancreatic cancer might kill him first."

Fear news network.

I'll be driving through the fires tomorrow. Wish me luck. Hopefully I can get some good pictures.

Ill-informed Fox anchors spread fears of al Qaeda link to California fires:

"Questionable 4-year-old FBI memo presented as new to stoke terror fears Did al Qaeda start the California wildfires? As more than a million people escaped the flames, Fox News anchors couldn't help speculating about a terrorism link to the blazes ravaging southern California. 'I've heard some people talk about this a little bit to me, but have you heard anybody suggest that this could be some form of terrorism,' Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy asked Wednesday morning. Correspondent Adam Housley said he's received 'hundreds of comments' from readers of his Fox News blog speculating about a link to terrorism."

Self imposed terrorism.

CA Guard Warned Of ‘Less Effective Response’ To Fires Due To Equipment Shortages Caused By Iraq:

"The San Francisco Chronicle reported last May that the California National Guard had been depleted and warned that severe “equipment shortages could hinder the guard’s response to a large-scale disaster,” such as a “major fire”: In California, half of the equipment the National Guard needs is not in the state, either because it is deployed in Iraq or other parts of the world or because it hasn’t been funded, according to Lt. Col. John Siepmann. While the Guard is in good shape to handle small-scale incidents, “our concern is a catastrophic event,” he said. “You would see a less effective response (to a major incident),” he said. At a press conference five months ago, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) echoed these concerns, stating, “A lot of equipment has gone to Iraq, and it doesn’t come back when the troops come back.” The Chronicle reported that the California National Guard was missing about $1 billion worth of equipment."

I love the Japanese.

Cell Phone Message Warns Train Gropers:

"Did you just grope me? Shall we head to the police? That's the message women are flashing on their cell phones with a popular program designed to ward off wandering hands in Japan's congested commuter trains."


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ABAT said...

Dude, I saw the Fox discussion about the fires and a link to terrorism! WTF. That guy Doocey is an arsewipe anyway, but that was clutching at some pretty tenuous straws there.
They ended up calling any arsonists 'domestic terrorists' anyway, because even Fox couldn't forge a decent link between the fires and Al Quackda - if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably muslim terrorists.

Ever heard the Alabama 3 song "Disneyland is Burning"? Kinda ironic.

Scored the Jason Isbell album last week. It turned up in my local record store along with the Bettye LaVette album, Alabama 3's newie "M.O.R." and Tiki's debut since leaving Salmonella Dub (awesome NZ drum n' bass band - their new album came out a couple of weeks ago). All awesome. Love the Jason Isbell album and Patterson Hood's liner notes in the Bettye LaVette album.