Monday, November 26, 2007

Eye of the Beholder

The traveling gets cranked back up this week.

Keep your eyes peeled towards AAW for an upcoming post on my trip to Athens GA and a special post on a very special record that's coming out soon.


To hate it so, they sure to spend a lot of time researching it.... on their fake Wiki.

What Do Conservatives Spend Their Time Thinking About?


Bush crony bites the barby.

Howard's reign in Australia is over

SYDNEY, Australia - Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd swept to power in Australian elections Saturday, ending an 11-year conservative era and promising major changes to policies on global warming and his country's role in the Iraq war.

The change in government from Howard's center-right Liberal-National Party coalition to the center-left Labor Party also marks a generational shift for Australia.

Rudd, a 50-year-old former diplomat who speaks fluent Chinese, urged voters to support him because Howard was out of touch with modern Australia and ill-equipped to deal with new-age issues such as climate change.


A question I ask my students.

Sense of Beauty Partly Innate, Study Suggests:

"Is art beautiful because we are taught so, or are notions of beauty hard-wired into the brain?

When people were shown pictures of sculptures in a new study, brain scans suggest they judged beauty by at least partly hard-wired standards."


Anonymous said...

Hate to say it because of how much I loathe The Rat on most counts, but one of the best quick summaries of the golden ratio are in Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land. Part I and Part II.

Smell the nostalgia for projectors that went flipity flipity in darkened classrooms...

AAW said...

Nice, binky. Forgotten all about those