Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all

Wis. Man Upset Over Beer Shoots Goat: "A man who was upset with his wife for not buying beer took vengeance by shooting one of the family's two pet goats, prosecutors say."

Speaking of beer go check out Jez's beer blog:

Fresh Beer Every Friday

For the fellas cause you'll be eating some turkey breast today.:

Show Them To Me - Censored Version

Y'all have a good one.


Jez said...

Hey there JPW!

Thanks for the link! My buddy and his family brought about 6 big bottles of beer. We're on beer #3 right now, a smoked weizen beer from Germany.

Praise Jesus or whatever fuckin' deity you want. I'm prayin' to the beer gods. They are lovin' me today!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


AAW said...

Sounds very nice, Jez! I've been stuck with domestic brew since being in the south. Seems like a can drink 12 of 'em without any ill effects.