Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ruffy Toys

How effing stupidly low will the media go with another Clinton in the presidential picture?

This low.

The silly season is upon us. Expect all types of bizarre BS accusations from the from "News" media.

Fox News airs bizarre claim that Hillary ordered hit on cats:

"Fox News on Wednesday aired a bizarre accusation that Sen. Hillary Clinton is connected with the murder of two cats."

More and better Democrats elected. We also took the Kentucky governorship.

Democrats Seize Control of Virginia Senate


'I'll be back' most used film line: survey:

"Top 10 must used film lines:"

Regulations? Aussie's don't need to stinkin' regulations.

Australia pulls 'date rape' drug toy:

"SYDNEY, Australia - Australian officials ordered a popular Chinese-made children's toy pulled from the shelves after scientists found it contained a chemical that converts into a powerful 'date rape' drug when ingested."

Noodling. You've got to be a little crazy to do this:



Anonymous said...

ridiculous...the sad thing is that fox news' ratings are through the roof...

Anonymous said...

There is a documentary called Okie Noodling, made by Brad Beesley and scored by the Flaming Lips (Beesley also did The Fearless Freaks. People die doing that shit.

AAW said...

CQ - FAUX News ratings aren't what they were. The 24% who think Shrub is doing a good job watch, but that's about it. I never watch any news. I read all of my news.

bink: I've seen the doc but I had not idea that FL scored it. Too cool. I'll have to check out fearless freaks.