Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tears of a Wingnut

Birmingham native Ava Lowery pisses off the wingnuts. Ava rocks, y'all. Go check out the video.

Crooks and Liars � “Rebels With a Cause”: Kid Activists Make Wingers Cry:

We at C&L couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised to find our very good friend Ava Lowery of Peace Takes Courage being spotlighted as one of America’s “Rebels With a Cause”: remarkable youths committed to “changing that which they feel needs changing.” This clip we put together is just the part focusing on her, but we highly recommend you check out the full segment online. What makes this 20 minute documentary all the more special is it’s actually a Nickelodeon Nick News segment that apparently has been causing quite a fuss among wingers who think it’s an effort by the network to brainwash our children into becoming activists. (h/t to our angry friends) It’s so nice to see Ava still knows how to drive the right-wingnuts bats**t crazy. You go girl! How sad it is that the so-called news networks for grown-ups could actually use a few pointers from a channel perhaps best known for bringing us Spongebob Squarepants? "

Damn right! Finally seeing a progressive marketing plan in action. FINALLY!

These have been running in 4 states already.


Morford latest excellent piece.

Outrage fatigue? Get over it

"I know how it is. You've had it up to here. There are only so many stories about blood and death and pain you can take, only so many times you can hear about random shootings and corporate malfeasance and how BushCo's squad of scabrous flying monkeys have, say, supported torture or endorsed wiretapping or gouged the nation for another $200 billion to pay for a failed war. Your nerves are raw and your heart is tired and the media will just not shut the hell up already about the sadness and the war and the mayhem and the Cheney and the doom doom doom."

Because some of them are damn tasty. You ever had veal? Chicken wings? How about a nice piece of fish poached in a wine/garlic/butter sauce.

Why Some Animals Eat Their Offspring:

"Eating your offspring may sound unthinkable, but animals from fish to birds are known to do it. Scientists have been unsure why such a behavior would have evolved, but a new study sheds light on the factors that may drive some parents to eat their young."

Fun Thanksgiving cook-off but the best part of the article is the recipes. My friend Rich has perfected SFGate's turkey brine over the last 3 years. It is dee - lish. Keeps the bird nice and moist with flavor all the way through.

In it to win it / The Chronicle's Turkey Training Camp Cook-Off had a twist this year - home cooks put their best Thanksgiving dishes to the test:
"One contestant brought knives; another brought fire. The Presbyterian minister brought her secret weapon: God. But did she and the rest of her team have a prayer in this battle for the ultimate bragging rights of top Thanksgiving chef?"


Anonymous said...

JPW---I just read in the "Bay Area Reporter" a review of a book that seems right up your alley: "The Brotherhood of the Disappearing Pants: A Field Guide to Conservative Sex Scandals" by Joseph Minton Amann and Tom Breuer....

AAW said...

It must be a 5 volume set, davy.