Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Through the shadows of the cage around the forty watt light"

Another, state, another city. Apparently lots of cool rock and/or rollers have been birthed here. Pictures and tales later in the week... if I ever get the chance to sober up.... not looking bloody likely, though.

I am sleeping in a bed that the one and only Brent Best has slept in, so, yeah, it's kinda hairy.....


There's no real words I can put to the tainting of my favorite place in the world. I'm struggling daily with bolting back to help out in some way though my help is certainly not needed.

I hope they string some mf'ers up on the Bay Bridge for this major eff-up.

Seabirds' would-be rescuers can only watch in Marin Headlands:

'It was all over his face, mouth and eyes,' McNertney said. 'We tried to get it off his beak and his eyes first, but it was just covered with oil. It was disgusting.' The seabirds, many of them recent arrivals after their annual winter migration, became the innocent victims of the aftermath of Wednesday's accident, when a container ship struck the Bay Bridge. The damaged ship spilled thousands of gallons of bunker fuel, which drifted across the San Francisco Bay to the Marin County shoreline and finally out the Golden Gate, soiling beaches along the coast."

'Dire consequences' : The 2007 San Francisco Bay Oil Spill:

"Last week, history repeated itself in the San Francisco Bay when a container ship leaked 58,000 gallons of fuel oil after colliding with one of the Bay Bridge towers. It is the biggest oil spill in the Bay since 1996, when 40,000 gallons of fuel oil escaped into the Bay from a ship spill in a dry dock area. The November 7 oil spill resulted from 'human error':"

FAUX host shocked, shocked that '24' isn't, you know, actually how the world works. What a weird, weird universe these people have created from themselves. Weird and pretty effing dangerous to the rest of us.

Fox host 'let down' by implausibility of suitcase nukes


Tis. Reall tis.

Nora Ephron: It's Hard to be a Democrat:

"It's hard to be a Democrat, don't you think? There's no alternative, of course, but it's hard. Someone asked me the other day to write something about why I was a Democrat, and I had no trouble making a list of 10 reasons. Of course, five of those reasons were the Supreme Court, and the other five were more or less historical -- reasons like FDR, which is not meant to mean Franklin Delano Roosevelt exactly but some fantasy blob of Democratic values that are a distant racial memory."



davyprcotorboy said...

Dear Nora Ephron---Agreed with and respected most of what you had to say, EXCEPT your saying there is no alternative to being a Democrat, of course(!). (The exclamation point relating to "of course" being my addition). You've bought hook, line and sinker the Demorepublicicorpocrat line. If they repeat the lie often enough...

Jez said...

What's with all the mystery as to your location in these last couple of blogs? Hiding from someone? I dig that guy's bar he built in his house. What kind of "microbrew" is that you were drinking?

JPW said...

D. There is no real alternative other than checking out or voting green and handing the Republicans another election. Hey, in a perfect world we'd have more than two viable parties. But we don't. Dems are the best bet period. A vote for Nader is a vote for a Republican.

JPW said...

Always leave the reader wanting more, Jez. ;-) And the law. Gotta stay a step ahead of the law.

I think its called "Blue Moon". Not sure who brews it. It's a wheat type beer. Pretty good. I've also had some Purple Haze by Abita recently. Not bad either, but I miss my more robust ales from NorCal.