Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And as we wind on down the road.....

More on the rigged election and rigged imprisonment of Alabama Governor Siegelman.

Not a damn peep about any of this in the 'traditional media'.

'Incestuous' US attorneys downed Democratic governor:

"Siegelman, then the Democratic incumbent, was running against Republican Bob Riley in the 2002 election, and had by all appearances won the election against Riley, by a margin of roughly 3,000 votes. However, overnight, more ballots for Riley were 'found' and counted by an all-Republican panel and subsequently sealed by then-Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor. A 'cabal' of Republicans recounted the votes, determined Riley the winner, and the Attorney General then sealed the ballots. In order for Democrats to even challenge the ballots, they would have to get a court order. 'To this day,' says Alexandrovna, 'those ballots remain sealed.' 'Pryor...' says Papantonio, 'everybody understands--that have followed his career at all--he was the guy that gets the midnight appointment during the recess. He's a recess appointment by Bush, because everybody realized what a thug--and he is a thug. I'm down here in the south and I'm very familiar with Alabama--the legal system up there. He is absolutely a thug. And he then gets appointed to the appellate court as a recess appointment.'"

They hate him. They really, really hate him.

Poll: Bush approval plummets among military families:

"There is a new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg pollout today that shows that a majority of those with military connections -- active duty, vets and families -- disapprove of Bush and his war and only 36 percent believe the war was worth it."

I see Paris, I see France, I see your underpants through my security cam.

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And as we wind on down the road.....



Anonymous said...

Bush, Cheney and Rove are too powerful for America to handle them in the flesh. They are demonic and can't be stopped by Capital Hill or by the media. Since the Justice Department and the military are under Bush's command they are powerless. Most all our military ground troops and their fighting equipment is half way around the world.

I believe that Bush is a forerunner of the anti-christ and that Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are two of the devils angels. I believe that their purpose was to destruct the United States so that it won't be a threat to the anti-christ establishing his throne.

These three demonic creatures have weaken the United States to the point that the U.S.A is going to be taken over by our enemies without them having to fire a single shot. I believe that they will kidnap/kill all our representatives and state governors at their homes during a Christmas break.

Every country in the world has government and military spies in our land that have come across our open borders unchallenged.

All Bibical prophecy has been fulfilled, and I believe that the start of the seven year tribulation is at hand.

Jez said...

How do you respond to that? Shit, I guess I was wrong about all that religious stuff being bullshit. I think I'll run down to my local church. Either that, or drive 25 miles to the local Cabela's and stock up on guns 'n ammo.

AAW said...

Ummmmmm, yeah, Rev. Hmmmm.

Hey, Jez, could you pick me up an uzi and some holy water?

Jez said...

Sure. I've thought about the Rev's comments some more and have to say that he's probably right about Bush pushing the whole biblical prophecy thing. However, I wonder what Buddha has to say about the end of the world.

AAW said...

The Rev has definitely got a valid point at the core of his post. BushCo has obliviously manipulated religion to create fear and fealty.

However, I always assumed the anti-christ would be, you know, smarter. A better manager, maybe?