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DBT Week in Review - 11/14/07



Drive-By Truckers:

We are pleased to announce dates for the first two legs of THE HOME FRONT WORLD TOUR 2008.

The tour, which will be previewed in Athens GA on Jan. 10-13 begins in Anaheim CA on Feb. 11th.

The Feb. dates will be supported by The Felice Brothers. I haven't seen them live, but their songs on myspace are fantastic and my friends who have seen them have raved about how great they are."


Check out DBT's MySpace for The Righteous Path and I'm Sorry Huston from Brighter Than Creations Dark.

You can also check out A Ghost To Most posted last Friday.

Last week's best comment from DBT's MySpace: - View Comments:
Booth - Dec 7, 2007 6:27 PM

Love the new song!!

Cooley remains undefeated...

Final Heisman Voting:

1. Mike Cooley
2. Tim Tebow"

Little gold plated paper weight, y'all!

Congrats to Bettye and congrats to DBT! - 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards Nominations List:

Best Contemporary Blues Album (Vocal or Instrumental.)
  • Into The Blues Joan Armatrading [429 Records]
  • Is It News Doyle Bramhall [Yep Roc Records]
  • The Road To Escondido JJ Cale & Eric Clapton [Reprise Records/Warner Music Group]
  • Truth Robben Ford [Concord Records]
  • The Scene Of The Crime Bettye LaVette [Anti]

More accolades for Bettye

Blues Foundation :: 2008 Nominees:

B.B. King Entertainer of the Year
Bobby Rush
Janiva Magness
Tommy Castro
Watermelon Slim
Bettye LaVette"
Album of the Year
Sugar Ray & the Bluetones - My Life, My Friends, My Music
Nick Moss & The Flip Tops - Play It 'Til Tomorrow
Omar Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan - On The Jimmy Reed Highway
Watermelon Slim & The Workers - The Wheel Man
Koko Taylor - Old School
Bettye LaVette - The Scene of the Crime
James Blood Ulmer - Bad Blood In the City

Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year
Bettye LaVette
Candye Kane
Debbie Davies
Fiona Boyes
Teresa James
Wait, there's more!

KEXP Blog - Album Review: - A review of The Scene of the Crime:

"Lists be damned! LaVette, Hood and the rest of the Truckers have put something on wax that can’t be undone. They’ve proven that music is for ingesting and digesting, not for ranking and grading."


Patterson Hood:


Apparently DBT was on the TV this Wednesday: - View Comments:


Sloan captures the magic of Patterson doing Bruce for the Aids Athens benefit.

Southern Shelter: Patterson Hood as Bruce Springsteen @ 40 Watt 12/1/07

dbts : Message: patterson does bruce.....

"pretty funny thread on phishhook about staurday's gig... think there's a download of the show available as well...courtesy of the master himself sloan simpson!!! pics of Patterson's Aids Athens benefit.


Great sketch of Patterson by Dmitry Samarov


An old post that I just came across. DBT in the blogosphere.

DJWriter: Lyrics of the Day:

Lyrics of the Day

Here's another Drive-By Truckers song from Monday night's show. 'Zip City' from Southern Rock Opera was written by Mike Cooley from the perspective of a teenage guy.....

Your Daddy was mad as hell
He was mad at me and you
As he tied that chain to the front of my car
And pulled me out of that ditch that we slid into
Don't know what his problem is
Why he keeps dragging you away
Don't know why I put up with this shit
When you don't put out and Zip City's so far away

Zip City really exists. The Alabama Ass Whuppin' blog, which is written by an Alabaman transplanted to San Francisco, includes this photo tribute to 'Zip City.

Some more from DJWriter.

DJWriter: Lyrics of the Day:

"Lyrics of the Day The Drive-By Truckers concert Monday night at the Park West was so awesome, I can't even write about it without gushing like a lovestruck schoolgirl. Let's just say they would have blown the doors off a certain band from New Jersey that was playing across town that night (and DBT played acoustic (mostly))."

Jason Isbell

Jason gives some love to DBT and Chris Tompkins Blogs - Big Congratulations! - Jason Isbell MySpace Blog:

"Big Congratulations! Cheers to my buddies in the DBT and my old friend Chris Tompkins on their Grammy nominations. The Truckers were nominated for their work on the great Bettye Lavette album 'Scene of the Crime,' and Chris for the Carrie Underwood song, 'Before He Cheats,' written with Josh Kear. Good job and good luck."

More on Chris Tompkins

Greenhill man nominated for two Grammys |

"Chris Tompkins was in the Charlotte, N.C., airport when he heard the news Thursday that he has been nominated for a coveted Grammy Award. Tompkins, a songwriter and Greenhill native, was nominated for the award for his work with the Carrie Underwood hit, 'Before He Cheats.' The song, which Tompkins co-wrote with Josh Kear, has been nominated for two Grammys."

Jason Isbell Will Hoge For HARP Mag Presents Tour:

"With his Sirens of the Ditch (New West) solo debut landing Top Ten honors in HARP’s annual “50 Best CDs of the Year” feature, Jason Isbell is riding high. Throughout 2007 he toured steadily with his band the 400 Unit, selling out shows in NYC, Raleigh, Atlanta, Toronto, San Francisco, Denver and Austin. Isbell & Co. played the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, Hardly Strictly in San Francisco and toured the country with both Son Volt and Cracker. Isbell continues his success on the road with a winter tour, presented by HARP -- this time teaming up with Will Hoge in a co-headlining cross-country trek. In addition, Isbell is playing two nights of the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam in Asheville, NC (one with The 400 Unit and one solo). He has also secured a coveted spot during the opening night of the New York Guitar Festival “Royal Albert Hall Project” honoring Bob Dylan. Meanwhile, in late January, Isbell will release a live EP recorded on November 16 at Twist & Shout Records in Denver, CO. This will be the first proper release from Isbell with The 400 Unit. The EP will be available exclusively at all Coalition of Independent Music Retailers."

Jimbo has got some live cuts of JI400's last tour. Sounds mighty good. - Jimbo Hart - Muscle Shoals, Alabama - Rock / Soul / Ghettotech -


Sons of Roswell - Sons of Roswell - Muscle Shoals, Alabama

SOR getting some much deserved love:

PerformerMag : Southeast Performer : Recorded Reviews : December 2007: " "

Mixed and Mastered at the Nutthouse in Sheffield, AL by Jimmy Nutt

If Kings of Leon started listening to more AC/DC, you would have something that sounds a lot like Sons of Roswell. In fact, Sons of Roswells’s self-titled album makes Kings of Leon’s Because of the Times seem pretty feeble in comparison.

Vocalist Kevin Keenum and company present an even mix of bluesy hard rock and punk rock attitude served with a distinctly southern flavor. As a result, the boys of Roswell have created an album packed with strutting, cocksure, optimistic tracks that provide a refreshing alternative to the whiny, jaded music that predominately populates the pop music charts.

The real magic of this album lies in the song craft. Sons of Roswell demonstrate a real knack for writing catchy hooks, energetic bridges and simple yet blazing guitar solos that continually revitalize the songs before they can wear out their welcome. It’s difficult not to become too derivative when plumbing the depths of a classical southern/hard rock musical heritage like Sons of Roswell’s, but they’ve managed to produce an album that not only holds up to repeat listenings, it demands them. (Self-released)

-David Feltman


Lauderdale Blogs - 12-10-07 - lauderdale MySpace Blog:

"We've added several new shows in the past few days and hopefully will be adding several more in the next week or so. Check back often and if we're playing in your town we'd love to see you there!

Also, we added another song from the album a little while back. Stateline, It's different from the demo version we had up earlier this year and we like it alot! If you haven't heard it, go check it out.

Last but not least, for any Torrent users out there, our good friend Russ Corey posted our November show from the Old Town Tavern for free download. This show featured Jay Burgess from Sons of Roswell and has plenty of tunes that aren't on our record. There's even a couple of covers in there. The site is It's a bit-torrent site that's free to join and full of good live show downloads. Here's the link below:


Word has it that Foxboro Hot Tubs is actually Green Day. FHT has a free EP to download on their site. Give it a listen and decide for yourself. I dig.



Aquarium Drunkard :: 2007 Year In Review


How To Destroy A Profitable Industry In Just A Few Easy Steps:

"New York's 'Vulture' section comes to the correct conclusion about the music biz -- but for the wrong reason. In commenting on the Wired profile of 'Universal Music Group CEO/supervillain Doug Morris,' the folks at 'Vulture' have a yuck-fest over Morris' inability to come to grips with modern technology. I only had one real talk with Morris in my life. The Warners Music Group was in complete turmoil, beginning a really ugly death spiral that he insisted I buy into by going to work for a lackey of his. I refused and Morris was coincidentally fired soon after -- the lackey not long after that. Instead I wound up as president of Reprise Records."

"If Ike hadn't of beat Tina there wouldn't of been no River Deep, Mountain High"

Musician Ike Turner Dies at 76 :

"SAN DIEGO — Ike Turner, whose role as one of rock's critical architects was overshadowed by his ogrelike image as the man who brutally abused former wife Tina Turner, died Wednesday at his home in suburban San Diego. He was 76."

he Raw Story | Gibson shows new self-tuning guitar:

"For users who purchase the add-on technology, the guitar recognizes pitch. Then, its processor directs motors on its six tuning pegs to tighten or loosen the strings accordingly. Tronical has offered its 'Powertune System' online and through retailers in Germany since March, according to the company's Web site. The Gibson Les Paul guitar model with Blue Silverburst finish goes on sale globally Dec. 7."

The 'lost' Woody Guthrie album found:

"LOS ANGELES - He wrote more than a thousand songs, ranging from his 'Dust Bowl' ballads to patriotic incantations like 'Pastures of Plenty' to the American classic 'This Land is Your Land.' He performed them everywhere he went, from community centers to Broadway theaters to California fields filled with migrant workers. He also recorded dozens on records. But one thing Woody Guthrie never got around to doing was recording any of his songs in front of a live audience — or so Guthrie's family thought."

A dead rapper?!? That NEVER happens.

Rapper Pimp C found dead in LA hotel:

"LOS ANGELES - Pimp C, one-half of the veteran Houston rap group UGK, was found dead in an upscale hotel on Tuesday. He was 33."

Billy Joel, newcomer go to war with Christmas song:

"The second new Joel-penned single since his last pop album, 1993's 'River of Dreams,' is called 'Christmas in Fallujah' and hits iTunes December 4. There are two major differences between it and the classics that have made him one of the best-selling artists of all time. First, there's no piano on it, and second, there's barely any Billy Joel on it, either."

Jimi Hendrix memorabilia sells big:

"NEW YORK - An auction at Christie's of rock 'n' roll memorabilia from some of the hottest bands of the 1960s and '70s hauled in big bucks Friday, including $20,000 for a Jimi Hendrix album and more than $4,000 for a Rolling Stones' T-shirt."

Electric Guitar Laptop Mod Is Pretty Sweet - Geekologie


Led Zeppelin's time has come again:
"LONDON - Led Zeppelin's time is coming again.

When the diviners of rock 'n' roll classics 'Stairway to Heaven,' 'Whole Lotta Love' and 'Your Time is Gonna Come' reunite for their first full concert in almost three decades, the question on everyone's mind is sure to be: How many more times?"


Finally, you too can post a awful yet oddly intriguing YouTube video such a Tay Zonday did with Chocolate Rain....

...and become famous enough to have your YouTube turned into a full on booty shaking rap video called Cherry Chocolate Rain. Last line of the video "This internet thing is wild". Indeed it is, Tay. Indeed it is.

Now Tay gets all the bitches.



Jez said...

In other non-related but What The Fuck news:

AAW said...

I read about this the other day, Jez. Rep. King (the sponsor) is a douchebag.

Priorities, you know.

David Johnsen said...

Cool, I made it into AAW's famous DBT WIR! Thanks! You might also enjoy my "DBT Suicide Week" lyrics that ran from July 30 to August 3, 2007 (go to this page and scroll down).

AAW said...

Hey David! Damn glad to have you here. Nice 'DBT suicide run'. FYI, there is a 'Lookout Mountain' in Huntsville, AL.

David Johnsen said...

So is the song about Huntsville's mountain or don't we know for sure? Man, that would change everything. I just assumed it was about the famous one -- I was imagining a melancholy visit to Ruby Falls and Rock City, maybe a ride on the incline railway, while he pondered jumping. Being surrounded by tourist attractions and people having fun would add an ironic twist to committing suicide there.

AAW said...

The lookout mountain 'plateau' runs from Chatt down through middle north AL. P. is probably singing about the big LOM in Chatt but I'm not sure.

Ha, Ruby Falls and Rock City. Nice.

Maybe P. could combine Look Out Mountain and 18 Wheels and the guy could jump off one of the Dollywood rides.