Thursday, December 13, 2007

Places to go, people to see...

I'm back on the road today. Here's to good car mojo and the city I love.

The CAS is going to be incredible. I drove by it everyday going to my old place of work.

The 53 Places to Go in 2008:

"39. SAN FRANCISCO When the California Academy of Sciences ( opens next fall in Golden Gate Park, it won't just be a stunning architectural addition to San Francisco. The $500 million building, designed by the Pritzker Prize winner Renzo Piano, will feature a 2.5-acre living roof covered with native plants and aims to be the greenest museum in the world."

This is not good.... unless you're a Republican with your head stuck in the sand.

Ominous Arctic melt worries experts:

"WASHINGTON - An already relentless melting of the Arctic greatly accelerated this summer, a warning sign that some scientists worry could mean global warming has passed an ominous tipping point. One even speculated that summer sea ice would be gone in five years."

That's going to be some damn good cheese. Problem is will one be able to stop eating it?

Pot-growing cave sold to cheesemaker:

"A home built above a large cave that once housed a sophisticated underground marijuana operation may have a delicious — and legal — future. Authorities seized the home in 2005 after finding more than 850 marijuana plants growing under lights in two secured, 100-yard-long underground rooms connected to the home"

Screw those airport rules!

Man Nearly Dies Downing Vodka at Airport:

"A man nearly died from alcohol poisoning after quaffing two pints of vodka at an airport security check instead of handing it over to comply with new rules about carrying liquids aboard a plane, police said Wednesday."


Townser said...

For an uplifting holiday global warming/we are ruining the world documentary, check out this movie: best.

AAW said...

Will do!

Tis the season, Townser. The season to eff the world up.