Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Was Donkey Kong Gay?

Kinda really busy today so here's a hog-podge:

This would be really interesting and probably pretty therapeutic for some folk.

People of the Web - The Worst of Times:

"'I don't know what to do anymore,' says Dean's misfit teen character, Jim Stark, 'Except maybe die.'

David Nadelberg created the Mortified experience, including one of the books 'Love Is a Battlefield.'

That's high drama, but it's not so different from the rants, musings and observations that can be seen on, an offshoot of an experimental theater program in which people reveal the most embarrassing moments of their teenage past.

The teenage themes are what you'd expect: sex, insecurity, betrayal and friendships. But the perspectives are hilariously incongruent coming from the mouths of adults.

'She wants it. I want to give it to her. But what is 'it',' says a man at one performance.

'I feel suicidal and sorry but at the same time, Dana is a major [expletive]. I hate life,' says another participant."

Where Pac-Man and Mrs Pac-Man really cousins?

Video Game Myths: Fact or Fiction? - Video Game Feature - Yahoo! Video Games:

"Seven years before The Great Nintendo Wii Drought of 2007 (and, most likely, 2008), gamers faced similar troubles trying to locate units of Sony's unstoppable Playstation 2.

Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein, however, was able to scoop up a whopping 4,000 PS2s without so much as a pre-order. And according to a report on the website, the dictator wasn't just planning an all-night LAN party: he was securing PS2s in an effort to build a nefarious military supercomputer, since U.S. customs doesn't consider a 'toy' to be a potential military threat."

Gary Coleman's pants. Uhhhhh, yeah.

Cranky Pants traded in for Gary Coleman's:

"-- Don't wake us. Shhh. Be very, very quiet. We are in a dream. Look at us from above. That's us, running in fields of flowers. Jumping, giddily. Oh, the joy on our happy little face. And no doubt you can see why. Those aren't the Cranky Pants we're wearing. None of that hard, scratchy bitterness, the tight, irritable waistband that makes us so very angry at people and their television shows. No - get a better look. We're wearing Gary Coleman's $400,000 pants!"

I'm pretty sure I already posted this but I didn't spot it during a quick search of the archives. So here it is again. Too funny:



Unknown said...

Thanks for posting that Maher video with Dan Savage... Funny as Fuck!

AAW said...

Savage rocks! The country singer on the panel looked mighty uncomfortable, didn't he.