Friday, February 29, 2008


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I'll keep following this until President Obama pardons Siegelman.

Legal Schnauzer: What 60 Minutes Didn't Tell You:

"Based on the quality of its report on Sunday night, it's safe to assume that CBS has material that would break new ground in the case. It's not unusual for 60 Minutes to revisit stories and update them. The Siegelman case cries out for that kind of treatment--particularly because it is not just an 'Alabama' story. This goes to the heart of wrongdoing in the Bush Department of Justice, which involves all Americans.

Just consider a few angles that 60 Minutes was not able to touch:

* The apparent electronic manipulation of votes in Baldwin County that gave Bob Riley the 2002 election over Siegelman."

Jailed governor's daughter accuses judge of delaying appeal:

"Dana Siegelman, the former governor's daughter, joined Abrams Wednesday to discuss attempts to get her father's sentence reviewed. She said her father was 'excited' and 'reencouraged' by the CBS and MSNBC coverage of his case and that she believes Judge Mark Fuller is deliberately 'sitting on' the transcript of Siegelman's 2006 trial that has to be available before any appeal can go forward.

She confirmed that her father 'absolutely' believes Rove is responsible for his incarceration. 'He knows Karl Rove is behind this. ... My dad was the first governor to endorse Al Gore. ... He spoke at the Democratic national meeting in Boston and said some things that were very controversial and things that scared the Republican Party into thinking that my dad was also looking to run on a national sca"

Crooks and Liars � Bush League Justice: More on Siegelman

Finally, Abrams speaks to Don Siegelman’s daughter, Dana, who speaks out on her father’s feelings about this new publicity in his case and gives some indication of why the Republican party was interested in getting Siegelman out of the way

Some DBT NewYouTubes:

The Implosion-orium:

"Lately I've been doing alot with Graphic Design (small time altercations, nothing huge) and Video making. I made this one last week, and was incredibly proud of it... sort of. The actual process and quality of the diffrent frames is wonderful. Unfortuntily, the message it delivers borders on the side of 'bat shit liberal Crazy as fuck'. I'm gonna try to stick with the same format (the T.V. part atleast), and move to a more realisitc portrayal of my views. I won't lie, I got carried away. Why you ask? Who knows? A major reason is all the coolest graphics I found were once revolved around Anti-government concepts. And I won't lie, the graphics rock. Unfortunitly, it just didn't come together in any way that even closely resembles my political views.

I debated for a view days even posting it up, because I didnt want someone thinking I'm one of those bat shit crazy people... but my pride got the best of me. It just turned good under process and formation standards!

To bad the message would make my grandfather have a heartattack. Oh well, enjoy... or atleast appreciate!"


From Boulder:



davyproctorboy said...

Be a Democrat: Go to jail! Lucky for me I am not now nor have I ever been a Democrat.

JPW said...

Ummm, davy, hate to use your own words to contradict you but....

From a previous post:

"I am a registered Green who recently re-registered Demo just so I could vote for Kucinich in the Cali primary."

davyproctorboy said...

JPW---Good catch. You may be the only person in the world who actually listens to me. I forgot about that little episode, but I am proudly a Green again...

JPW said...

Before you pull that lever for Nader (if he can get on the ballot) make sure you know that his campaign will be funded by Republican operatives.

Oh, and, what has Nader done in the last 8 years to support your 'cause'?