Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cool Poop

Well, isn't that convenient. I'm SO glad that Pelosi and Reid took impeachment off the table. I mean, we really dodge an impeachment bullet there. Thank god there's not a ball or lady ball between those two or we might have actually had some accountability this past year. Whew, glad that bothersome Constitution still remains shredded.

Oh, and Bush 'killing' something with 'Freedom' in its name. How redundant.

Bush 'kills' Freedom of Information Act compliance officer:

"Buried on page A17 of Wednesday's Washington Post is a bit of a non-surprise: President George W. Bush has effectively killed a position monitoring compliance with government efforts to release documents.

Late last year, Washington watchdogs won over a reluctant President Bush, who agreed to sign a law enforcing better compliance with the Freedom of Information Act."

You mean a minority party can BLOCK bills?!? Really? You mean the Dems could of blocked the war resolution? The bankruptcy/credit card bill? The Terri Shaivo debacle?

Wow. Who knew.

Republicans block stimulus bill :

"WASHINGTON - Senate Republicans blocked a move by Democrats on Wednesday to add more than $40 billion in checks for the elderly, disabled veterans and the unemployed to a bill to stimulate the economy.

The 58-41 vote fell just short of the 60 required to break a GOP filibuster and bring the Senate version of the stimulus bill closer to a final vote. The Senate measure was backed by Democrats and a handful of Republicans but was strongly opposed by GOP leaders and President Bush, who objected to the costly add-ons."

Warning. This next bit is not for the faint of heart. Its an important topic, though, and one I feel must be discussed here on AAW.

Soon, I will begin a cleansing/diet/exercise regime unlike anything I've attempted in the past (this will be AFTER the DBT show, of course).

I'm talking a top to bottom overhaul. And when I say 'bottom' I ain't kidding. I'm going the Colonblow route.

I shan't get into may details here. If you want to read about this product and experience then I've supplied the links below. The website is hilarious (check out the testimonials).

In short, there are two ways to clean the colon. One involves sticking something up the place where everything comes out. Not an attractive choice for me.

The other is to start at the top and work your way to the 'bottom'. This is the option I've chosen.

I give you:

Colonblow - natural, aggressive, humorous colon cleanse

Now, if you're REALLY interested in seeing how this works you can click on the link below. WARNING: This post contains a series of pics to demonstrate the effectiveness of this product. You've been warned.


After I've tried it all let you know how it all comes out.

Grow up, people! We're talking colon health, for jeebuseses sake!



SJMCB said...

Ask Jenn about Stevie Nick's version of "colon blow"....

binky said...

Dude, you haven't seen the gross photos until you've checked out the people with the chopsticks. I can't remember what I was looking for when I found this (I think organic herb seeds) and then was just train-wreck compelled to look.

JPW said...

You owe me a new laptop, binky. I just puked all over mine.

That is some disgusting.... shit.

Although, I am getting pretty psyched about my upcoming cleanse.

I may have to take pictures too.