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DBT Week in Review - 2/25/08

Help a fellow DBTer and really cool chick fight cancer.

Way off topic, I know. But since it's quiet here in DBT land, I figured I'd send this out to you guys. Cancer has hit us on this board before. We've all been affected by cancer one way or another and I've finally decided to do something about it.

I ain't no super-hero but I'm temporarily dropping the bon-bons and the cigarettes and slapping a sports bra on these cancer-free boobies and I'm running my first marathon!!! If you'd like to donate a buck or two on my team's behalf (Team Jugs), I'll let you take a quick peek at my lady lumps at the next show in a town near you. You can even cop a feel! Just click on the link below:

P.S. You're not really sneaking a peek at my lady lumps. Or touching them. But hey - they say sex sells. Hit me off-list if you're having trouble with the link.

Let There Be Rock and Boobs,
Andrea Gómez

Swampland - Water, Water everywhere....

"Patterson Hood of the Drive By Truckers expresses his gratitude to Black Warrior Riverkeeper in his YouTube video. Hood says that it is time for us all---liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, to take a stand to protect the Southern way of life which has always been involved being outdoors and on the rivers and in the woods. He says they have “strip-malled and strip-mined our land.” They have “cut down the trees and polluted all the rivers.” On the Drive By Truckers' 1999 album Pizza Deliverance, Mike Cooley writes about “Uncle Frank” who had nothing but just had a little piece of land. This land was flooded by TVA in the 1930s. Here is the opening stanza of “Uncle Frank”: “They powered up the city with hydro-electric juice./ Now we got more electricity than we can ever use./They flooded out the hollow and all the folks down there moved out,/but they got paid so there ain’t nothin’ else to think about.” Uncle Frank, who couldn’t read or write, left no suicide note but “Just a rope around his neck and the kitchen table turned on it’s side.”"

Pop culture is getting an injection of meth - Movies-

"Not getting attention Patterson Hood, one of the singers and songwriters in the Drive-By Truckers, witnessed the effects of meth firsthand in his Alabama hometown, which “really got hit hard a few years back.” He penned “You and Your Crystal Meth” in response.

“At the time, nobody was talking about it,” said Hood. “There wasn’t songs about it; it wasn’t getting much attention from the press.”

Swampland Patterson Interview

"GRITZ caught up with Patterson to get his thoughts on the latest Drive By Truckers album, his favorite music and the state of the Union."
_______ - a DBT fansite :: View topic - Stories From the Road: 2/19/08:
"So Matt D, DBT's tour manager, woke up this morning and went up front to check with the bus driver, Kennedy, who'd been driving all night.

Kennedy says, 'I almost got hit by a star this morning.'

He goes on to tell about this giant ball of light that came down from the sky and landed in the median about 30 - 50 feet from the bus as they were driving down the road.

So they Google and find this:

Idaho Press-Tribune: "TREASURE VALLEY - Caldwell resident Glenda Nash was on her way to babysit her grandchildren early Tuesday morning when she saw a flash light up the sky. “I never saw anything like it before. The light was kind of blue-gray, then it turned orange,” Nash said. “I was just driving down the road and I saw a big light and a big flame and it just hit the ground. It was neat but kind of scary.”"

The Dragon that almost took out the mobile Muscle Shoals.

Video - Breaking News Videos from


Drive-By Truckers carry the torch for rock and roll | Entertainment Top | Idaho Statesman:

"I've got a question for you: I don't want you to get a big head, but I'm having my first child in about three months. I want to ask you about names. This has nothing to do with you, but one of the boy names my wife and I are considering -we don't know what we're going have - is Patterson. One concern with the name Patterson is: Did you ever get hit with Pat growing up?

Yeah, and I hated it. I still hate it. People still sometimes want to call me that, and I can't stand it. I don't care for the name. I've got some friends named that and it works for them, but ...

It's pretty much constant, you know, particularly for the first 35 years or so. It helped that my wife really loves the name Patterson and she would always get kind of red-assed when people would call me Pat in front of her. So it was nice to have somebody take that role for me, because I always felt kind of cheesy. So I would generally let it be and let it sit, so therefore I would continually get called that. But I never really felt like I was a Pat. I always felt I was a Patterson. Patterson's a family name. It was my granddaddy's last name, and I was named after that. I prefer to be called that."

The Drive-By Truckers' rocky road turns brighter – February�2008:

"The process became even more alien for Tucker when she took her songs into the studio with the Truckers, as she had composed the songs with rudimentary guitar skills then had to switch back to her bassist role with the band during recording.

'I can't play guitar well at all, and we went in, and I had this bass, and I said, 'Oh, yeah, I gotta play bass and sing,'' says Tucker with a laugh. 'We had to figure it out, so it was a fun adventure. It changed my life, actually. I learned a lot about myself and that I could do things that I didn't know I could do or at least I haven't done them in a long time.'"

Drive-By Truckers News on Yahoo! Music:

"The Drive-By Truckers are back on the road again and brought one of the most deeply probing and incendiary live rock shows out there to the Avalon in Hollywood on Tuesday night."

In a world of real justice, the Drive-By Truckers would at least be headlining a Gibson Amphitheatre-size venue. But calculated pandering rules the mainstream, and this brilliant rough-'n'-tumble outfit bravely travels the alternate highways as perhaps the best rock band in America right now.

Exclusive Music Interviews - Music Artist Interviews - Band Interview

"'(The record has) a lot of first and second takes,' Hood said. 'I kind of like the way a song sounds when everyone's struggling to learn it more than the take when it's all polished. Sometimes there's more raw inspiration in those early takes, and we always kind of gravitated to those anyway, for better or worse at times.'"

Drive-by Truckers - Recess:

"I can definitively say that the raucous 'The Man I Shot' is the best (and perhaps only) song I have ever heard about living with post-traumatic stress disorder"

The Drive-By Truckers' Worst Song, Played on the Ugliest Guitar by Rob Harvilla

Spinner 3x3: Live Concert from the Drive-By Truckers -

dbts : Message: 2008 Grammys and Drive By Truckers @ HOB Anaheim

Seattle Pics: Photos - Meramore for Prez - Feb 17, 2008 - Travis - 29 - Male - Seattle, US -

SimpleViewer Photos - Scott Baxendale

_______ Blogs - Cast your vote: Dexateens nominated for two BAMA awards
"Cast your vote: Dexateens nominated for two BAMA awards

The Dexateens were recenlty nominated for two BAMA awards presented by the Birmingham Weekly. Categories include best rock band and album of the year for our Hardwire Healing LP. The BAMA's are sort've a local affair, but voting is open to anyone anywhere. Stop by Birmingham Weekly to cast your vote. Not sure about the other categories? Leave em' blank or write yourselves in! The polls are open for a couple weeks. Stop by and vote if you can."


Fritts inducted into hall of fame | | Florence, AL:

"Hours before the he was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame on Friday, Donnie Fritts sat down with his longtime friend Kris Kristofferson and talked about music, and their relationship.

Kristofferson was in Montgomery to induct Fritts into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, along with Muscle Shoals native Boyd Bennett, Ernie Ashworth, Cleveland Eaton and Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw."

After the music dies � Pointy Pointy

2. The internet will have been harnessed, and will be regulated and policed by “government” (Big Business) (probably under the guise of “saving the children”) so that you will have very few outlets for originality, as exists in the record industry and radio these days.

It’s all up to us, and who we elect, and how much attention we pay to what is going on.

If you think the internet will always be free and easy, you’re wrong - it’s gonna be a fight, believe you me.

I’m opinionated about my music and I have a definite idea of what is good and what isn’t, but I don’t try to force it down anyone’s throat any more (well not much). I do believe with all my heart that some music transcends all barriers, and unless you’ve been molested to country music or had some terrible experience with music in general, you , my friend, will like most of what I like. I believe that if you aren’t a DBT fan, then you haven’t really listened to DBT. If you aren’t a Slobberbone fan, you have not really listened to Slobberbone. If you are not a Centro-Matic fan, then you haven’t ever really listened to Centro-Matic. I think that good music like this will break through most barriers and if you listen to it correctly, you can’t miss the genius. There’s enough variety for anyone to find something they bind to.


Springsteen, Young join anti-war soundtrack

Rocker tells Huckabee to lay off song

Apple - Trailers - Young At Heart - Trailer A

People of the Web - How to Become a Rock Star

Black Crowes Say Maxim Review a Fraud

'My lost weekend with Lennon': May Pang breaks her silence over their relationship | the Mail on Sunday

Neil Young: Music Can't Change World

French crooner Henri Salvador dies at 90 - Yahoo! News:

"PARIS - Henri Salvador, the velvet-voiced French musician credited with inspiring the bossa nova, bringing rock 'n' roll to France and helping create the music video, died Wednesday, his record label said. He was 90."

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