Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Der schwarze Kennedy

Today is a big day. If you live in a state that's primary voting today, git yer butt out there and vote.

My man: "It was a creed written into the founding documents......"

Grateful Dead reunite for concert in support of Obama:

"The surviving members of the Grateful Dead have reunited for the first time in four years for a concert in support of Barack Obama."

Yes, we can.


World captivated by US presidential race:

"'Der schwarze Kennedy,' some German admirers are calling him: 'The black JFK.'"

I've only recently committed to Obama. However, this article made me waver. I mean, how could you not consider the OGP (Original Gansta Party) with their nominee Snoop Dogg!

Snoop digs Clinton and Obama but only reps 'Gangsta party':

"When asked what he felt as a black man about Obama and Clinton, he replied, 'I feel like they both are great candidates because they both have strong situations to support them. As far as Clinton, her husband was in office and when he was in office, we had a great time and she was his backbone.'

Snoop said he's not supporting any candidate because 'I'm not down with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. I represent the gangsta' party.' However, he did acknowledge that he feels a tie to Obama because 'I am a black man in America and I know that he relates to everything that I'm going through.'

'I just want to see somebody win that's in the best interests of America' Snoop emphasized, 'and either Obama or Clinton 'is a great move for America, because we need change.' But his concluding statement was that 'I think America is ready for a black president. ... People feel that this man could really win.'"

Save your wrist.

10 Computer Shortcuts: Obvious to Techies but Unknown to the Rest


Ideal Bite Green Tip Of The Week: Drink Locally!:
  • Support for your local economy. Keep some of your money circulating in your hometown.
  • Better taste. Crafted in smaller batches, microbrews offer more varied flavors than the average 6-pack from 7-Eleven.
  • Energy savings. Most of our sustenance travels between 1,500 and 2,500 miles before going down our gullets. Lower mileage means lower energy use.
  • Drinking what's on-tap saves aluminum and glass bottles."


Jez said...

Even better is to brew your own beer. However, the startup costs on this are kinda high. But every 5-gallon batch is about 2.5 cases of beer at a cost of $25-$50 per batch.

AAW said...

My bro-in-law brews his own stuff occasionally.

I've always wanted to but never had the space. Now I've got the space, I may give it a try.

How long do you have to wait before its ready?

Townser said...

Went to the caucus tonight in a tony suburb of KC on the Kansas side. Huge turn out. Talked to a friend who was working and he said they were completely overwhelmed and had run out of new dem registration forms! The line to either register as a dem or switch parties went around the school. People were fired up and Obama supporters outnumbered Hillary supporters easily 8-1. Sadly, most of us realized that this might be the only vote we cast in the presidential election that matters because of the general make up of our fair state. Inspirational nonetheless.

AAW said...

It'll count in November, too, Townser. Keep 'em fired up!