Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rock Show!

Woo-hoo! Rock Show tonight.

When the Rock Show comes to your part of the world be sure to pick up some fine merhandise from the band. They have some really sweet t-shirts available:

Jenn B's got a great post on 'music':

After the music dies � Pointy Pointy

I’m opinionated about my music and I have a definite idea of what is good and what isn’t, but I don’t try to force it down anyone’s throat any more (well not much). I do believe with all my heart that some music transcends all barriers, and unless you’ve been molested to country music or had some terrible experience with music in general, you , my friend, will like most of what I like. I believe that if you aren’t a DBT fan, then you haven’t really listened to DBT. If you aren’t a Slobberbone fan, you have not really listened to Slobberbone. If you are not a Centro-Matic fan, then you haven’t ever really listened to Centro-Matic. I think that good music like this will break through most barriers and if you listen to it correctly, you can’t miss the genius. There’s enough variety for anyone to find something they bind to.


Finally, do something to help keep the troops safe: | Join Our Cause:

"Last week, the New York Times reported that the Bush Pentagon had agreed to a contract for more Kevlar helmets for our troops from the very company that was being sued for cheating troops out of helmets that met military standards. Especially at a time when so many troops are in harm’s way, no such company should ever receive a new contract. Demand that Congress investigate how this could have happened, by signing our petition below. We’ll deliver your signatures to Capitol Hill."

Alrighty, then I'm off to Rock the demons from my soul. So excited.



Anonymous said...

yep, if dbt et al pay you to work for them it's real easy to find something to like about 'em...oh, and it looks like your tastes are actually patterson hood's, too. whta do you like that he didn't tell you to? I love this blog and I love centro and most dbt (for a while--like 5 years--they were my favorite band in the land)but this is a worthless and arrogant post. I guess my response qualifies as such as well - but fuck it.

AAW said...

Uhhhhhhh.... What the fuck are you talking about.

A. Have some balls or lady balls to state who you are, 'Anon'.

B. DBT does not pay me one goddamn red cent. Get it? Not one fucking penny does the band pay me.

C. As far as tastes... Hey, what can I say. Great minds think a like. However, I have no idea what you are referring to re: taste. And trust me there are several musical areas in which Patterson and I don't agree. For one I can hardly tolerate anything Springsteen.

D. Worthless? Yeah. So? Arrogant? That's where you really lose me. I slapped together this post in 10 minutes this morning. Didn't put an inch of though in it

So, what else you got Anon? Who licked the red off your candy today. Maybe a nap would help.

I'm going to the ROCK SHOW tonight, motherfucker. What are you doing?

Jenn said...

Sound like "anonymous" has a giant stick up their ass. Must be painful! Fun to watch though.
True douchebaggery for the sake of douchebaggery is so underutilized on the internet! SO glad to have more!

AAW said...

I love you, Jenn... But, umm, you said my check was in the mail... that was 2 years ago.

Gotsta get paid!

Can a brotha at least get a t-shirt?

ABAT said...

Followed your links on this one JPW. Jenn makes a very good point, or maybe just one I agree with. LOL. I've left an overly wordy comment over there too. Shit, can't help myself when music discussion is on offer.

The helmet article is truly stunning. It's really hard to write a comment on this without coming across as anti-American, but here goes: Money and the pursuit of it seems to be such a big part of American culture. A company that supplies the military would supply them with substandard equipment to make a buck and Congress will award same company a new contract to save a buck. Playing with people's lives to make/save some dollars is bullshit. Plain and simple. It is not an exclusively American issue though, not by a long shot. It just seems to be so ridiculously highlighted over there.
To corporates all over the world life is cheap and expendable and not worth a dollar.

Why isn't Bill O'Reilly and Fox all over this 'unpatriotic' act?

PS: 'Anonymous' makes a good point you shill! LOL. I've always suspected the Truckers were funding yours and other pro-Truckers blogs. It's a conspiracy I tell you. Now he's given me proof. I bet he thinks Adolf Hitler is living at the South Pole with the yeti and Elvis.

Holy crap. What a tool! It takes all sorts to make up our world. ALL sorts. Take care bud!

jenny said...

wow! someone had a little too much Ambien before they got on the computer!

ABAT said...

Ambien? Whassat?

jenny said...

It's a sleeping medication that acts as a hypnotic and some people take it and get diarrhea of the mouth...whilst not making any sense! :)

ABAT said...

Uhhuh. All seemed to make pretty good sense to me.

Just giving ole JPW a bit of gyp. If I thought he was really just a shill for the Truckers I wouldn't bother reading his blog.

AAW said...

So drunk. So inspired. The best I've seen this band. Best live show ever.


Anonymous said...

that was a really great and "thorough" review, you assbag!
Benny should've gone, keep you in line, or are you just drunk off all the MILLIONS of dollars your being paid. (cut to picture of J sitting on the solid gold toilet seat, lighting a cuban with a crisp hundie, whilst he has a secretary on the phone with a DBT underling, writing the AAW blog)

Townser said...

Wow. You've really made it, looks like you have acquired your first troll...

AAW said...

Abat! You know I've been rolling around in all of this DBT money naked for a few days so I haven't been able to comment back.

It's called "The Military Industrial Complex". War for profit. The U.S. didn't start that fire, we just turned it into an inferno.

Jenny: Can you hook me up with some ambien so I won't react so harshly the next time a troll visits?

Shame: Whatever. I'll deal with you later.

Townser: Not my first, but my first DBT centered troll. Still, it should make me feel good that someone took the time to come by and drop a load.