Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Vote Obama!

Texan and Ohioans! Go vote for Obama today and let's end this primary.


Kos' prediction. Grain o' salt:

Daily Kos: Prediction thread:

"In any case, enough caveats:

Ohio: Clinton +4
Texas: Obama +12
Rhode Island: Clinton +6
Vermont: Obama +35"


Hillary Rove-Bush-Clinton. No difference. And to think I so respected her just a few short months ago:

The Swamp: 'Did I say Osama? I meant Obama!' says Clintonite:

"So last night around dinner time, the phone rings. It’s the Hillary campaign–official number, per the caller ID. The woman on the other end asks me if Hillary can count on my support Tuesday. I say I have not decided.

She asks what would help me decide. I say, “Well . . . maybe she can make Bill her vice president.” She does not know how to take me, of course, but has to assume I am serious. “I don’t think she can do that.” “Bill will have a significant role in major decisions, though, won’t he?” I ask. “Oh, certainly he will be very involved. Do you like Bill?” “Very much.” I reply.

She then launches into a two-minute spiel on all the very specific initiatives and proposals Hillary has put forth on health care, the war in Iraq, etc., etc. At the end of her spiel, she says, “And we haven’t heard anything that specific from Osama bin Laden.”

I say, “You did not just say that.” She replies, “I’m sorry . . . just a slip of the tongue.” She then thanks me for my time and encourages me to vote for Hillary on Tuesday."

This is AWESOME!

Plane Makes Heartstopping Landing In 150 MPH Wind Gusts


Get your sweater on.

Fred Rogers tribute includes Sweater Day:

"PITTSBURGH - A tribute to children's public television pioneer Fred Rogers will include an effort to get people everywhere to wear a sweater on what would have been his 80th birthday.

March 20th is being promoted as 'Sweater Day' to honor Rogers, who died of cancer five years ago. A sweater was his trademark garb on 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.'"


binky said...

Hey, you know, DBT is playing in Millvale (a Pittsburgh neighborhood) on the 18th. That almost counts as sweater day, right?

JPW said...

The entire band should sport Mr. Rogers sweater the day they play Millvale. ;-)

binky said...

We're driving up for the show, so I'll report back to let you know if they got the memo. :)

JPW said...

They should change their shows when then get on stage, too!

binky said...

No sweaters. Lots of rock. Certainly worth the 2 hour drive home on a school night.

JPW said...

Another satisfied customer, ay bink.