Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Mrs. McSame likes to steal shit.

Cooking up Scandal: Cindy McCain Allegedly Lifts Another Recipe

No, really, she likes to steal shit.

Salon News | How Cindy McCain was outed for drug addiction:

"GOP presidential candidate John McCain's wife Cindy took to the airwaves last week, recounting for Jane Pauley (on 'Dateline') and Diane Sawyer (on 'Good Morning America') the tale of her onetime addiction to Percocet and Vicodin, and the fact that she stole the drugs from her own nonprofit medical relief organization."

Can't decide if I'm going to download today or wait a week or so for the kinks to be ironed out. Tres excited about the new browser, though.

Mozilla Ready to Launch Firefox 3 into Browser Wars:
"On June 17, Mozilla will release Firefox 3. After more than 34 months of active development and the contributions of thousands of people, Firefox 3 will be downloadable free from the Mozilla Web site. Mozilla is promising this is the best browser -- period."
Hmmm. Just check Mozilla's website and they still offer 2.0 with a sneak peak at 3.0. Maybe its not available today.

Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable


Too bad Detroit didn't have the foresight.

Toyota's hybrid output can't meet demand:

"“Hybrids are selling so well we are doing all we can to increase production,” he told The Associated Press. “We need new lines.”"

Just because.

Chug 2 Beers In 2 Seconds With The Bierstick


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