Friday, June 13, 2008

DBT Week in Review - 6/13/08

I went to see Return to Forever last night with Stanley Clark. Didn't really know anything about this scene previously.

Stanley Clark kick much bass ass. Great show.

Stanley Clarke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Return to Forever (RTF) - Official Website



DBT live on the intertubes today at the 'Roo. Starts at 12:30 Central:

2008 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival Presented by AT&T blue room | June 13 - 15, 2008 | Manchester, Tennessee


Top 10 Alt-Country Guitarists:

"A long, long drive from the clean, virtuosic twang of Nashville, alt-country guitar heroes are more noteworthy for digging into the grit and gristle of electric guitar tone than for trying to display how fast human fingers can move across a fretboard. There are some serious players working in this genre, make no mistake, but the players listed below are notable for their contributions to the songs, rather than for how they can rip when their solo rolls around. This Top 10 takes in many of the artists at the center of the movement, but also acknowledges some seminal players at the fringes, without whom the younger generation’s interest in twang might not even have survived. Note: These are listed in no order of honor, but simply as they come to me; these guitarists are all worth hearing, and this isn’t the kind of music that inspires cutting-contest type competition.

1. Drive-By Truckers Triple Threat"

Via Uncle Josh:

Living With Music: A Playlist by William Gibson - Paper Cuts - Books - New York Times Blog:

"3) Decoration Day, Drive-By Truckers. Like early Cormac McCarthy, but with three lead guitars. Hyper-literate narrative song-writing in the service of an act of stingingly efficient shamanistic cultural recall."

Unique cover of Angels and Fuselage

CD Baby: TOM COERVER & GOIN' SOUTH: From The Mud... To The Sky


Ask A Drive-By Truckers�Character - Black Heart Gold Pants


3 Great Alt-Country Obscurities



Check out Songs of Roswell's new tune. - Sons of Roswell - Muscle Shoals, Alabama


Moog Guitar



Jenn said...

You orta tell folks about the Bonnaroo webcast today!

binky said...

Unnecessary cover.

JPW said...

Agreed, B. Still, its cool that more folks are covering DBT these days.