Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This Beer from my Cold Dead Hand

Some mid-week DBT news. Picking up Nine Bullets slack as they work out the kinks to their server/site.

Go to the DBT's MySpace blog for the links. Blogs - Drive-By Truckers MySpace Blog:

"Suggest Questions for Truckers’ Interview with SPIN!!!!

You can be a part of Drive-by Truckers interview with SPIN at Bonnaroo! Send your questions to SPIN through their Myspace page here. Make sure to mention your name, hometown and what band your question is directed to. Watch the interview on and you may just hear your name and question.

Jez, if you aren't an Obama supporter already, then you will be after watching McSame.

Why does McCain hate our beer freedom?


Who could have predicted?!?

FBI special agent predicts ‘catastrophic attack’ in ‘revenge’ for torture, Abu Ghraib.:

"Based on my experience in talking to Al Qaida members, I am persuaded that revenge in the form of a catastrophic attack on the homeland is coming; that a new generation of jihadist martyrs, motivated in part by the images from Abu Ghraib, is, as we speak, planning to kill Americans; and that nothing gleaned from the use of coercive interrogation techniques will be of any significant use in forestalling this calamitous eventuality. […]

If I were the director of marketing of Al Qaida and intent on replenishing the ranks of jihadists, I know where my first piece of marketing collateral would be. It would be a blast e-mail with an attachment. The attachment would contain a picture of Private England pointing at the stacked naked bodies of the detainees at Abu Ghraib. This picture screams out for revenge and a day of reckoning will come."

This is some crazy-cool stuff:

GLAST telescope to open new window on the universe :

"WASHINGTON (AFP) - A hi-tech telescope NASA plans to launch on Wednesday hopes to fling open a new window on the Universe, exploring extreme sources of gamma-rays that point to powerful and exotic phenomena."

I was a first generation Atari addict. I use to receive their monthly magazine and Atari posters covered my walls

Leonardo DiCaprio to play with 'Atari':

"Paramount Pictures has snapped up a pitch titled “Atari,” with Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star.

Written by Brian Hecker and Craig Sherman, project is a biopic about entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell, the creator of Atari and one of the founding fathers of the vidgame industry"

Oh, there's a picture involved. You know you're going to click the link.

Tis pity they have to cut it off. Kid could have invented a new number position.

"69?! Pfffft, I got yer 42 right here, baby"

Baby boy born with penis on back in China | Penis on back |



Jez said...

Callin' me out in your blog! How sweet is that. Hey, you know, I've been referencing you in my blog. It's my other blog not about beer. I got pro-O stuff on there all the way. What? You haven't been reading it?

ABAT said...

How could those photos NOT add to the anti-American hatred in the Muslim world? They shamed all Americans and tarred them with the same brush. Look at how well the anti-American propaganda worked for the Japanese in WWII in their homeland. Okinawa anybody? That sort of stuff is hugely effective and a fantastic rallying point.

They didn't even have to make it up! Abu Grahib prison guards did it for them. Good one guys (and gal).

AAW said...

Jez, he's going to veto every beer for christsakes! Oh, I keep an eye out on southshore. I'll know when you're talking shit. ;-D

ABAT: The "Who could of predicted" bit is the Bush admins standard response to anything they fuck up. Like really stupid children. We have created a couple of generations of terrorist who will be coming after use hard. Sucks.

We weren't really close to preventing the fraud from taking office again in 04. We are a much savvier nation this time around. Don't believe us? We'll bomb your country if you don't ;-)

Nobody is taking anything for granted this go around.

AAW said...

Will you be playing Swayze or Sheen?

They were Patriotic Terrorists.

'Red Dawn on our asses'. Hilarious!

ABAT said...

Which one had the big hair and the headband (or was that Flashdance?).

AAW said...

Think that was flashdance. Though, all those 80 type movies run together. hard to tell them apart.