Monday, July 07, 2008

Epic Battle

An epic battle. I watched it.... then I had some hotdogs. Good stuff.

Joey Chestnut Defeats Takeru Kobayashi In Hot Dog Contest After Eat-Off


I'm no longer JPW.... I'm JHW. The blog will be AHW.

Great idea.

Obama Supporters Take His Middle Name as Their Own:

"Emily Nordling has never met a Muslim, at least not to her knowledge. But this spring, Ms. Nordling, a 19-year-old student from Fort Thomas, Ky., gave herself a new middle name on, mimicking her boyfriend and shocking her father.

“Emily Hussein Nordling,” her entry now reads."

I would love to tool around SF in one of these.

Laugh at High Gas Prices With a 282-MPG VW

"With gas prices going through the roof and regulators requiring cars to be ever more miserly, Volkswagen is bringing new meaning to the term 'fuel efficiency' with a bullet-shaped microcar that gets a stunning 282 235 mpg."

Bad dog. Bad, bad dog. A h0t-dog, but a bad dog.

See how I bring it full circle First article is about people eating hot-dogs. Last article is about hot-dogs eating people. Is that Alanis irony? Is this like rain on my wedding day? I always get confused.

Anyway, I should receive some type of literary award for such genius.

Miniature dachshund gnaws off diabetic owner's toe:

"An Illinois woman says her beloved miniature dachshund gnawed off her right big toe while she was asleep. Linda Floyd told the Alton Telegraph for a story Wednesday that her beloved Roscoe was euthanized because of safety concerns."


Anonymous said...

Roscoe was a thug.

AAW said...

Not all bark, aye binky.