Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blinded me with Science

Nice article on Obama's trip back home to Hawaii.

Excluding the douchey response from Hawaii's Republican Governor.

Obama comes home | | News | /2008/08/10/:

"While Republican Gov. Linda Lingle acknowledged the enthusiasm for Obama's homecoming, she stood by Republican candidate Arizona Sen. John McCain. Lingle said it's 'understandable that everyone in Hawaii' is excited about Hawaii-born Obama. 'But this is not 'American Idol.' This is not voting for your favorite or the most popular, this is making an important decision on who should lead our nation,' she said."

The Corporate take over of the U.S.

Most companies in US avoid federal income taxes:

"WASHINGTON - Two-thirds of U.S. corporations paid no federal income taxes between 1998 and 2005, according to a new report from Congress."


If They IM'd: Paris Hilton and John McCain - 236 - News


Gotta gits me one of these.

Invisibility cloak now within sight: scientists:

"PARIS (AFP) - The age-old fantasy of making yourself invisible has taken a step toward reality, with scientists saying they have created three-dimensional materials that can bend visible light."


Jez said...

Yeah, no one ever voted for the "most popular" person. It's always been based on who was most qualified to run the nation. The last eight years is proof positive of that. Linda Lingle, who you crappin'?

Did you read the latest article in Rolling Stone by Matt Tiabbi about campaign contributions? What's your take on that?

JPW said...

Yeah, I don't think Linda is from around here. If she was she would have gone to an American High School that had class elections.

So, along with 'elite', the Republicans are trying to turn 'popular' into something bad. Man they suck.

I've read the first couple of pages of the Tiabbi's article. Nothing new. I can understand Matt being jaded about Obama actually raising the taxes on Corp America. I believe he'll do it, though. Obama has really started to change the game with small donors. 55 million in June (I may have the wrong month) with an average donation of 69 bucks.

Its like I've always said. The Repubs hold the court right now. Its their game. We have to beat them at their own game before we can change the game.

Jim Dunn said...

The article about corporations isn't correct, either in terms of telling the whole story or in flat-out accuracy. As this article shows, America has the second-highest corporate tax rate in the world, and also points out that, of the companies that paid no taxes, 85% of them made no profits, either.

If you'll scroll to the bottom of the article at this link (, you'll see that the New York Times corrects its earlier report.

"An article on Wednesday about a Government Accountability Office study reporting on the percentage of corporations that paid no federal income taxes from 1998 through 2005 gave an incorrect figure for the estimated tax liability of the 1.3 million companies covered by the study. It is not $875 billion. The correct amount cannot be calculated because it would be based on the companies’ paying the standard rate of 35 percent on their net income, a figure that is not available. (The incorrect figure of $875 billion was based on the companies’ paying the standard rate on their $2.5 trillion in gross sales.)"

Also, keep in mind that corporations pay taxes on supplies, services, salaries, general overhead, etc. And all the people employed by those corporations pay taxes.