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DBT Week in Review - 8/1/08


It took me two weeks to edit down the pictures from the Glossary show I attended in Tempe, Arizona.

Finally, I got 'em finished.

It was 20 years since I last laid eyes on Todd Beene, Glossary's guitar playing, pedal steel pickin', song singing class act extraordinare. (had no idea that Todd sings 'Bitter Branch' on Angels until he busted it out live, on stage right in front of my face. For someone who likes to know all things hip and now I can be surprisingly clueless sometimes.)

Once I got to the venue I called Todd and he and Bingham, Glossary's bass player, came out to greet me. We bellied up to the bar and ordered some drinks and caught up on old times.

Todd and I shared an acting agent way back when in Florence, Alabama. We, along with Chris "Monster" Quillen, participated in an after school special produced by Bell South in the mid 80s called, ironically enough, 'Discover Your Own Song'. I've got a video (vhs, of course) that, hopefully, I'll soon have digitized and Youtubed so we can compare who had the sweetest Simon Le Bon hair cut between Todd and I.

Glossary has had one hell of an adventurous year, in my opinion. They've toured behind their 2007 offering 'The Better Angels of our Nature' which was my favorite record of 'aught-seven'. They toured with the Drive-by Truckers, This is American Music, The Drams, and they were an opener a few weeks ago for the Slobberbone reunion show. In other words they've been keeping some damn good company.

Being the fans that we are we all concurred on the greatness of Patterson Hood and the Truckers, Brent Best and the Drams/Slobberbone, Jenn B., and all of the freakishly consistent great folks who orbit all of these bands. We talked about the small, small world in which we live and connections made through bands and fans across the U.S. and globe for that matter.

The band hit the stage and tore into their set with wild abandon. Todd told the tale of 'Bitter Branch'. His family owned a cattle ranch in Lauderdale county back in the day and, like so many other family farms, had to sell it off due to the diminished economic viability of maintaining such a ranch.

After the ranch sold Todd's dad, Dan Beene, decided to try his hand at acting. To relate a small world story, in 2000/2001, I received a phone call from my good friend Steve Zapotoczny. Steve is the VP of Wheelhouse Productions. Before Steve became a Hollywood hot-shot he was the co-writer/producer/director of a feature indie film produced while he was at Duke University. The lead actor in this film, title, 'Summer's Gone' was yours truly.

Steve had just finished casting for the movie We Were Soldiers staring Mel Gibson. Steve rings me and says "Hey, we just cast someone from Florence, Alabama to be in WWS". I asked who and it was none other than Dan Beene.

Check out Dan's resume here. He's been in a ton of stuff.

Glossary is a joy to watch on stage. Bingham told me that he and Joey's background is in punk. This is apparent in Glossary's stage show as they lay all that they have on the stage during a performance.

Lead singer Joey's physical flexibility is something to behold as his bends and twist and pounces all over the stage.

Joey's wife, Kelly, and no disrepect intended, is soooooo beautiful... I mean, damn. Her harmonies are on par with her looks. And she was a sweet as can be as I chatted with her for a moment at the merch booth.

"The Falconer" on keys is as entertaining as they come.

Bingham and "Yellow Magnetic Seed" on the drums comprise one tight as hell rhythm sections.

To sum up my rambling, Glossary is a great, great band who, I hope has much success awaiting around the bend.

Go see 'em live!

Thanks for a hell of a show, Glossary!

Would A Slobberbone By Any Other Name Still Rock Your Face Off? |

"They went way back and played lots of old stuff. Stuff I haven’t heard them play in a long time. They even resurrected the banjo, which Brent Best explained was the real reason they broke up. He said when you make the decision to tour with a banjo there’s no going back. And a banjo will fuck you up. Every night it will say “you just try and make me work,” so when you finally decide it would be a lot easier to tour without the banjo everyone gets all pissed off."

There were two opening acts, Glossary and The Magpies. Originally it was just gonna be the Magpies but Glossary was in town opening for Lucero on Sunday night and they managed to get a night off from the tour and secure a spot on the bill. So that made for a night that got progressively better as it went on. Glossary is a six piece band from Murphreesboro, Tennessee that’s probably one to watch. Scratch the probably.

DBT! - Message Board • View topic - Oslo:
"Hey y’ all,

just returned from Oslo. Strings still ringing, words still rhyming. Great crowd. Nearly went nuts when Shonna was singing “Home Field Advantage”.

The show exploded with a string of four absolutely crowd pleasers:"

Have you seen this bass? � Pointy Pointy:

"Patterson just sent this cool video of his dad David playing bass for Traffic in 1972 here:"

Via 'rjnss' on the Yahoo List. DBT and Slobberbone get shout-outs.

Living With Music: A Playlist by George Pelecanos - Paper Cuts - Books - New York Times Blog


YouTube - Mrs. Dubose


In case you missed it yesterday, DBT got a mention on Red State Update.

YouTube - Red State Update: Obama's German Crowds There For The Bands?


MySpaceTV Videos: John Neff and Doug the Talking Dog by Scott Baxendale:
"Athen's musician and Drive By Trucker John Neff at home with his talking dog Doug. I Videoed this while visiting Athens to record with John Neff, Brad Morgan, John Mills and Dave Barbe.
John Neff and Doug the Talking Dog


Muscle Shoals Sound

Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section musicians say being white surprised many who heard their music | | Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"A few days after his return from performing in the United Kingdom, veteran music producer and guitarist Jimmy Johnson sits in his small Sheffield recording studio and plays a CD of one of his artists, Shelly Bonet.

The CD, a collection of Bonet’s demo recordings, soon fills the room with the smooth, classic sound Muscle Shoals was known for in the 1960s and ’70s."

Black & gold | | Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"As a young disc jockey in the African country of Senegal, Idrissa Dia said he discovered in a stack of records, only by chance, the music of Wilson Pickett and other black American soul singers. He played them on the air.

The music — a change from the salsa and French pop music the station normally played — created an overnight storm in Saint-Louis, where the station was based. The same thing happened when Dia took the music to a station in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

Dia, now director of the French-to-Africa service for Voice of America in Washington, D.C., said the driving force of the music, which was recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, was the “righteous” performance by the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section."


The Orstrahyun:
"It's hard for any die-hard AC/DC fan not to shudder at this news, from UK's Popbitch, that a new rock musical is in the works, based on the career and music (obviously) of Australia's most successful and influential hard rock band."

The Top 20 Albums of All Time (For Real) - The Y! Music Playlist Blog:


Via Roger Johnson.

This little girl is amazing.

A Video I Truly Love:
"I am usually loath to post videos discovered during my extensive hours of internet “research” for obvious reasons. This one is different. The equation is as follows: Ten year old Japanese musical prodigy in feather boa Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas = Sheer bliss

Trust me, turn up the volume and give it at least 50 seconds."


Anonymous said...

Nice shots and storytelling. I wish they had come close enough to get to, but alas, hopefully next time they will get within spitting distance.

We talked about the small, small world in which we live and connections made through bands and fans across the U.S. and globe for that matter.

It's funny you mention this, because I thought the exact same thing after talking to Todd (who I do not know) a few months ago. Some friends went to see Lucero in the 'burgh, and one was a huge fan so we parked down front, but since he had brought his baby sister along, we stood off to the side so she wouldn't get moshed by the youngsters down in the middle. Turns out, Todd was out playing pedal steel with Lucero and we ended up right in front of him. My other half was wearing a DBT shirt (nearly a daily occurrence) and right at the end of the show, Todd came over and said "do I know you? you look familiar..." and introduced himself (we had been at DBT's January three night stand in Athens and Glossary opened).

So many nice folks, and such an un-scene-y way of interacting. Hope that never changes.

AAW said...

Thanks binky.

You nailed it with "So many nice folks, and such an un-scene-y way of interacting."

I don't think that will ever change.