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DBT Week in Review - 8/15/08


Jerry Wexler, R&B Impresario, Is Dead at 91 - Obituary (Obit) -

"Mr. Wexler was something of a paradox. A businessman with tireless energy, a ruthless streak and a volatile temper, he was also a hopeless music fan. A New York Jew and a vehement atheist, he found his musical home in the Deep South, in studios in Memphis and Muscle Shoals, Ala., among Baptists and Methodists, blacks and good old boys."

DBT!.... In Europe | Uncut Editor's Diary - Post details: The Drive-By Truckers, London Electric Ballroom, August 4 2008:

"Interestingly, they’ve come to the DBTs via the recent Brighter Than Creation’s Dark, several of them mentioning Andrew Muller’s Album Of The Month review in Uncut and how his claims for the record made them want to test his contention that, among other things, here was a synthesis of Lynryrd Skynyrd’s authenticity and virtuosity, The Replacement’s whiskey-sodden wit, the social conscience of Bruce Springsteen and the righteous fury of Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Unanimously, they’ve been amazed that the record lived up to the advance billing, which they had probably suspected was bluster and hyperbole. They now can’t wait to see if the band can deliver live, which when I bump into some of the same people on the way out, they all, grinningly, agree they do, spectacularly."

johnjobling : photos : Drive By Truckers - Manchester Academy 8 Aug 2008- powered by SmugMug

Via Roel van Dijk

Drive-By Truckers :: 2008-08-12 :: Paradiso :: Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Message Board • View topic - Venlo show:

"Here are some pictures from the Venlo show from last night:

Bristol Rocks:

"The Drive-by Truckers or DBT’s as they are known to fans, stay true to their southern American rock roots, but sound just modern enough to gain a European following. Their shows are known for being alcohol infused, three guitar playing, rift inducing jam sessions. Tuesday night was no different, with the Jack Daniels being passed between members and fans passing a cheeky smoke to the pretty drunk looking Cooley."

Hard times may close Pop's - News-

"Teresa said they let people leave their cars in the parking lot, don't mind if they come in just for a weather report, and get returning customers from all over the Southeast, including the band The Drive-By Truckers. who e-mailed them after a tornado one time to make sure Pop's was alright."


Betty Lavette

Via Roger Johnson. Check out the new video from Bettye

New Bettye Lavette Video - "Talking Old Soldiers" - Video - Stereogum



Good friend Russell Mefford sent me the Fiddleworms new record, Volkswagen Catfish, this week and it's a goodie.

Corey Hannah over at Nine Bullets beat me to the write-up punch early this week and posted the following on this very fine Florence, Alabama band.

I spent many a fun night back in the mid-90s partying to the live tunes of the first incarnation of the Fiddleworms. I'm real happy they've come back stronger than ever.

NINEBULLETS � Blog Archive � Rob Malone Still Truckin’ with the Fiddleworms:

"After leaving the Drive-By Truckers, Rob Malone moved back to the Shoals to reform Fiddleworms with Russell Mefford. They released an album called Year of the Cock a few years ago. Browan Lollar, of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, did the artwork for that album.

I was interning at The Nutthouse Recording Studio in Sheffield earlier this year when Jimmy Nutt started mixing the new Fiddleworms record. I knew from the moment I heard the unmixed tracks that this was going to be a great album. If you guys will look at your liner notes, you’ll see that Jimmy engineered Jason’s album, Sirens of the Ditch. He also worked beside David Barbe on The Dirty South. Jimmy’s a helluva engineer and producer. The combination of him working with the Worms came together to make a record that does Muscle Shoals proud."

Always on your mind ... | | Florence, AL:

"When Russell Mefford was a kid, he thought the platform-wearing, tongue-wagging members of KISS were like superheroes. Not only that, they came bearing gifts, temporary tattoos. 'Every record that you bought from them, you got something from them,' he said. Mefford is lead guitarist and vocalist for Shoals band, The Fiddleworms, which satisfies their fans with T-shirts and stickers. Thanks to Gene, Peter, Ace and Paul, they also included temporary tattoos inside of their last CD."

Brent Best/Drams

This post in a few months old but I just came across it. Some very excellent new tunage from Brent. I've been humming 'Never Bothered Me' all week long.

Via Adam Richards:

3 Brent mp3's - TheDrams | Google Groups:

Two new tracks (Never Bothered Me and Daddy Was a Liar), and one new-ish Paul Westerberg Cover (Crackle and Drag).

Adam LK-Lee"

Here's a live version of Brent singing 'Daddy Was a Liar'


Hot Honky-Tonkers: The King Bucks | Dallas Morning News



Athens folks: Go check out Redneck GReece at Little King's next week.

Jackson Browne Sues GOP And McCain Campaign:

"Singer, songwriter, liberal activist and now John McCain scourge Jackson Browne filed a lawsuit today against the presumptive GOP nominee and the Republican Party for failing to obtain a license to use one of his songs in a television commercial."

White House DJ Battle ::
1. Ready or Not Fugees
2. What's Going On Marvin Gaye
3. I'm On Fire Bruce Spingsteen
4. Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones
5. Sinnerman Nina Simone
6. Touch the Sky Kanye West
7. You'd Be So Easy to Love Frank Sinatra
8. Think Aretha Franklin
9. City of Blinding Lights U2
10. Yes We Can

1. Dancing Queen ABBA
2. Blue Bayou Roy Orbison
3. Take a Chance On Me ABBA
4. If We MakeIt Through December Merle Haggard
5. As Time Goes By Dooley Wilson
6. Good Vibrations The Beach Boys
7. What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
8. I've Got You Under My Skin Frank Sinatra
9. Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond
10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes The Platters"

Remember that thing I wrote on Scott Cochran? - The Rap Sheet -

"So where does he get those sayings, aside from what he plucks from motivational speakers? 'To tell you the truth, the players. I sit with the players. I'll ask our captains, 'OK, what kind of music do you listen to right now? OK, give me a verse, a line, that you'll need when we're running 110s, on the 25th rep, and your body is saying no. What are you going to need at that moment?' And they're going to give me a little line.'"

KTVB.COM | News | Idaho News on Demand:

"NEW YORK (AP) -- The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is going on the road to New York - the city that spawned hip-hop and gave Bob Dylan and the Ramones their start.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Wednesday that the Cleveland-based museum is opening an annex in downtown Manhattan. It is the first of several planned outposts that will take its collection of artifacts to a wider audience, possibly as far as the Middle East."

Backstage With Neil Diamond, the Marathon Man of Pop -

"HARTFORD — Four decades into a career as the sequined king of soft rock, celebrated in his 1970s peak as much for his rakish growl and helmet of wavy hair as for hits like “Sweet Caroline” and “Song Sung Blue,” Neil Diamond is enjoying something of a career renaissance."

Chart Watch Extra: The 10 Most Downloaded Golden Oldies - Chart Watch

3. Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Sweet Home Alabama," 1,346,000. This zesty 1974 hit is the oldest recording on the list. (The ‘50s and ‘60s are officially ancient history to today's downloading pop fans.) Kid Rock's current radio hit, "All Summer Long," which pays homage to the song, is just the latest boost that it has gotten. The song has been featured in several movies, including the Oscar-winning 1994 smash Forrest Gump. It even provided the title for a 2002 rom-com starring Reese Witherspoon. The Southern rock classic has been hugely influential in contemporary country music. Top 200 rank: #119.

I'm not sure if this is satire or not but both of these bands exist.

Funny, either way.

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Third Day and Superchick have become involved in what appears to be the first Christian band feud."

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