Monday, September 01, 2008

Day O' Labor

Happy Labor Day, y'all. If you're in Canada or Puerto Rico you'll be celebrating Labour Day. Yeah, aren't y'all all cool with your 'u'. That's just too fancy for most Americans. We like to dumb it down, dontcha know.

Folks in NOLA and the Gulf Coast be safe today. Ol' Dirty Gustav seems to have shrunk to a category two which is good.

Stay safe and fill your day with folly.


What this article doesn't tell you is that the big rig collided with a orange juice truck and a fine time was had by all.

Vodka spill staggers traffic on Highway 101:

"(08-28) 13:05 PDT SUNNYVALE -- Traffic on Highway 101 in Sunnyvale is slow because of an overturned big rig that spilled vodka over the roadway."

What the hell is wrong Adam's Township. I mean this isn't the dildo ban in Alabama, but come on.... Can't a girl release her inner stripper without fear of arrest?

Town Sued After Nixing Pole-Dancing Studio:

"A woman has sued a town that refused to allow her to open a dance studio that featured pole-dancing exercise classes on the grounds it was a sexually oriented business.

Adams Township officials violated Stephanie Babines' right to free expression by denying her an occupancy permit, the American Civil Liberties Union claims in a federal lawsuit filed Thursday in Pittsburgh."

Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

Modesto man tries to amputate own arm:

"Police say a man tried to cut off his own arm at a restaurant in Modesto, Calif., because he thought he had injected air into a vein while shooting cocaine and feared he would die unless he took drastic action."

Douchebag of the decade.... Axl Rose

Bismarck Tribune Online - World and National News:

"LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Federal authorities say they have arrested a blogger suspected of streaming songs from Guns N' Roses unreleased album, 'Chinese Democracy,' on his Web site."

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