Monday, September 29, 2008

Devil Went Down to Georgia....

... and he was lookin' for a game to steal.....

A True Alabama Ass Whuppin.

Alabama 41, Georgia 30 - The Bama Beat -

"Hey 'Dogs! (with sincerest apologies to all my Georgia people) Hey 'Dogs! (Really, I'm so sorry for the humiliation put upon you by the Crimson Tide). We just beat the Hell out of you!"

"Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer, Give 'em Hell Alabama..... Indeed"!

"They got a name for the winners in the world...."

Tide climbs to No. 2 in AP poll - Tide Corner -


Yes! Back in the game!!

Natalie Portman is single

But then.... FUCKETH!

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds Wed in Canada

Reynolds, you're fucking up my plan to convert to Mormonism, then take Natalie, Scarlett and a yet to be named free agent.... maybe Tina Dico.... as my wives.

I'm coming after you, Ryan!


I remember this... twas a really weird day in the city:


And in related news:

Space exploration key to mankind's survival: NASA chief:

"Mankind's very survival depends on the future exploration of space, said NASA chiMichael Griffin in an interview with AFP marking the 50th anniversary of the US space agency.

This journey, said the veteran physicist and aerospace engineer, is full of unknowns and has only just begun.

'Does the survival of human kind depend upon it? I think so,' he said."

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