Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nekkid Dog Walking

This is absolutely insane. I've driven up and down this road several times.

Skip to the two minute mark. It is terrifying and alternately serene at the same time.

The camera work at the speed these guys are going is ridiculous.

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD on Vimeo

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.


V-PILF speaks in tongues.

Sarah Palin, Wasilla, book banning | Salon News:

"She scares me,' said Bess. 'She's Jerry Falwell with a pretty face.

'At this point, people in this country don't grasp what this person is all about. The key to understanding Sarah Palin is understanding her radical theology.'"

Wow. Just like Cheney.

Palin Asked To Release Husband's Emails:

"Moments after Gov. Sarah Palin's first speech as Republican John McCain's running mate, she sat with her kids backstage, thumbing one of the two BlackBerrys that are always with her. You can see them in photographs from that day on the campaign blog of one of McCain's daughters.

The tech-savvy governor has one of the devices (which allow users to read and send e-mails) for state business, another for personal matters, but those worlds intertwine.

Palin routinely uses a private Yahoo e-mail account to conduct state business. Others in the governor's office sometimes use personal e-mail accounts too.

The practice raises questions about backdoor secrecy in an administration that vowed during the 2006 campaign to be 'open and transparent.'"

I will do all in my power to put porn back on top.

Porn passed over as Web users become social: author:

"CANBERRA (Reuters) - Social networking sites are the hottest attraction on the Internet, dethroning pornography and highlighting a major change in how people communicate, according to a web guru."

There was a time in 'Merica when this guy's excuse would have gotten him a fee pass.

No more. Now you get tasered regardless.


"TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- A 40-year-old man walking his dog in the nude was Tasered by police when he refused to follow an officer's commands. David McCranie of the Tallahassee Police Department said an officer on patrol spotted the man shortly after 8 p.m. Friday.

The man was asked what he was doing and told the officer, 'Allah told me to watch a Bruce Willis movie and walk the dog,' McCranie said."


davyproctorboy said...

"Walking his dog in the nude"! Dog nudity is a damn sin, except maybe at canine nude beaches! When Palin was first selected I thought it was hilarious and the end of McCain's campaign. Was I that wrong? Of course it is absurd, and in any intelligent country it would have been the end of his campaign. Instead, she has become a national focal-point, and all issues are rendered irrelevant. If I were a blogger like you, or I suppose a talk-show host or columnist, I would be faced with the dilemma of keeping focus on her because she is so horrible on every level (except for her great Tina Fey imitation), or to ignore her and get back to issues. Are the Repubs as brilliant as they seem right now, JHW?

binky said...

This taser shit pisses me off, and what really pisses me off is that lazy incompetent cops are now using it as the go-to first step for the mentally ill who are out having a hard time in public. Grrr. Arfgh.

JPW said...

I think you can walk your nekkid dog on parts of Baker Beach, davy.

No, you weren't wrong, davy. The novelty is starting to wear off. Her approval/disapproval numbers are -10 over the past 10 days. She's losing a point a day.

McCain had no choice. Any other VP choice and the focus would have been on Obama 24/7. So, he wins some news cycles with Palin but he sure as hell won't win the presidency.

It is important for the blogs to hammer her daily so that the traditional media will focus on what an utter disaster she is.

McCain tried to set a narrative with Palin. We, the bloggers, are narrative busters. As soon as she was chosen I decided to focus on her every day for the next couple of weeks.

One must shine a light on the roaches to get them to scatter.

binky, I agree with the taser shit. Its out of control.