Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Stupid is as stupid does.

Read the whole thing. Its good.

Your grades are too high? | | Florence, AL:

"When did this petty anti-intellectualism take over the conservative movement? The respectable wisdom of William F. Buckley and George Will has been set aside for the pablum of crowd-pleasing know-nothings like Sarah Palin. Anyone using more than two syllables in a word is suspected of communist leanings; 'articulate' has become a four-letter word. Judging from crowd behavior at GOP rallies, the Republican base seems intent on establishing a flag-waving, cross-bearing idiocracy -- and it isn't just this one letter-writer clamoring for government a la Harrison Bergeron. The trend is general, reflected in the talk of 'Joe Six-Pack' having a shot at the vice presidency. Frankly, that prospect scares the hell out of me. Joe might be a perfectly good plumber, but how will he keep Wall Street MBAs from walking all over the taxpayers?"

More on Republican anti-intellectualism

Why smart Republicans are PISSED at their party:

"Republicans turned their backs on smart people. Just like that, being smart was less important than being 'real'. Being qualified was about being ordinary. New ideas and thoughtful discourse was something to be ridiculed and not something to be examined. A good education and vocabulary became something to disdain and not something to celebrate. The Republicans stopped being leaders and started becoming drum bangers. Oh, they'd pull out their tanks and missiles like they were penises and pretend that asking questions was akin to treason. Scary.'"

Kos states what I believe.

Daily Kos: Break their spirits:

"I realize there are people uncomfortable with aggressive language and action. That's the difference between liberal weenies and movement progressives. Liberal weenies sit around thinking that 'the truth' is enough for victory, and that if we simply explain to voters why Democrats are better, why, we can't possibly lose any elections! That's the crowd that wants to keep the 'high ground' and doesn't want to go down in the gutters and fight the GOP where they live, lest we get a little muddied ourselves.

Movement progressives realize that we must do everything necessary allowable under the law to win because elections have consequences. This isn't about who is most pure, but about taking the fight to the enemy and aggressively embracing progressivism, offering clear contrasts between us and them, and fighting fire with fire. There's no ambiguity about where I belong."

They must of had a Bush in office too.

Stone Age man took drugs, say scientists - Telegraph:

"It has long been suspected that humans have an ancient history of drug use, but there has been a lack of proof to support the theory.

Now, however, researchers have found equipment used to prepare hallucinogenic drugs for sniffing, and dated them back to prehistoric South American tribes."

I don't think he'll be making an appearance on Top Chef anytime soon.

Chef who stabbed, seasoned victim guilty of murder


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