Friday, November 28, 2008

DBT Week in Review - 11/28/08

So slammed with money paying gigs and the holidays that the Fillmore pics and reviews are coming along slowly... but surely. Mid to end of next week they'll be ready to go.

A couple of more shots from the show:

Most awesome and hottest bass player e.v.e.r.


Some great pictures here:

On the Scene: Drive-By Truckers and the Hold Steady in L.A. | PopWatch Blog |

"The Rock n' Roll Means Well tour pulled in to L.A. last night, marking the final evening of an earth-shaking, booze-guzzling road match between the Hold Steady and the Drive-By Truckers, two bands born of disparate geographical landscapes yet inextricably linked by their commitment to the art of the amp attack."

Amen, Jack. Amen. - Message Board • View topic - An open letter to the members of DBT and THS.

On this eve of Thanksgiving, allow me the honor of saying thank you from the fans. Thank you so much for the Rock and Roll Means Well Tour. It was a gift. We don’t see enough bands today show such unbridled joy, respect and camaraderie. This tour was a gift to your fans, so we say thank you. The shows were phenomenal.

On a personal note, 2008 was a really tough year for my family and me. To have the opportunity to see my two favorite bands play three shows in California right before Thanksgiving was one of the finest rock and roll experiences of my life (after seeing shows for over 25 years.) I could list all of the highlights (and there were many, thanks guys) but suffice to say, during Let There Be Rock and Killer Parties last night there might have been some tears.

I believe in the power of Rock and Roll again.

Jack Epsteen

... and I feel fine.: One down, One to go

... and I feel fine.: ...trying to hold steady on the righteous path:

"Some pics of the evenings' spectacle. I'm not sure I could add anything. What an incredible two nights. Every time I see the Truckers it's amazing. The question now is 'When are they coming back?'"

Dexateens Blogs - what are the dexateens doing these days?? - Dexateens MySpace Blog


Music News

Swampland: The Jimmy Herring Interview


I suffered through the first minute or so of each track on MySpace.

May we never here of another Axl Rose project again. Amen.

Music - How Axl Rose Spent All That Time -

"Chinese Democracy” (Geffen) is the Titanic of rock albums: the ship, not the movie, although like the film it’s a monumental studio production. It’s outsize, lavish, obsessive, technologically advanced and, all too clearly, the end of an era. It’s also a shipwreck, capsized by pretensions and top-heavy production. In its 14 songs there are glimpses of heartfelt ferocity and despair, along with bursts of remarkable musicianship. But they are overwhelmed by countless layers of studio diddling and a tone of curdled self-pity. The album concludes with five bombastic power ballads in a row."


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Wow! I've been quoted on AAW! I'm honored. Serously.



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