Monday, December 15, 2008

Duck, Duck... Duck!

Be sure to update all of your virus software and spyware programs cause a nasty one is making the rounds. I'm so anal about that shit, yet, via a visit to MySpace, I got infected worse than a crack whore.

So, posts this week will be down and dirty this week til I can get old Betsy back up to speed.


Hilarious. Must see video.

The man does have some quick reflexes because the tosses were right on target.

In final Iraq visit, Bush ducks a pair of shoes


Gets even better. Incompetent til the end and beyond.

'Illuminati' cybersquatters make killing over Bush library:

"Damn those Internets.

President Bush's presidential library lost their domains to cybersquatters and the company charged with developing the website was forced to pay $35,000 to get it back.

The squatters, a North Carolina company called Illuminati Karate, leveraged the domain that the presidential library let expire into a sweet five-figure sum after an embarrassing report in a Dallas newspaper that they'd lost the domain."

Michael Ware is a badass. An effed up badass, now, but still.....

Fascinating read.

CNN’s Prisoner of War�|�Men’s Journal:

"He had been hunted, kidnapped, and told he was filming his own execution. But CNN correspondent Michael Ware had no plans to leave Iraq. Now, it won’t leave him."

I've done many, many stage performances with fake knives and blunted sword fights. Can't figure out why dude didn't check the blade first. It had to feel different from the prop blade.

Actor slits his own throat as knife switch turns fiction into reality | Stage | The Guardian:

"An actor slit his throat on stage when the prop knife for his suicide scene turned out to be a real one."


Meet the world’s only immortal animal | ZME Science



Anonymous said...

Heh... Sock and Awe.

AAW said...

I could play that all day, binky.... matter of fact, I did!