Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shot Caller

As a baller myself, I dig this much.

The Cabinet's got game: Obama's other dream team:

"WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama had just one disclaimer when he announced former pro-basketball player Arne Duncan as his education secretary: 'I did not select Arne because he's one of the best basketball players I know.'

Still, he conceded, 'I will say that I think we are putting together the best basketball-playing Cabinet in American history.'"

This will be an interesting precedent.

Court allows lawsuits over 'light' cigarettes:

"WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Monday handed a surprising defeat to tobacco companies counting on it to put an end to lawsuits alleging deceptive marketing of 'light' cigarettes.

In a 5-4 split won by the court's liberals, it ruled that smokers may use state consumer protection laws to sue cigarette makers for the way they promote 'light' and 'low tar' brands."

Still support the death penalty?

The Associated Press: Charges dropped against man imprisoned 27 years:

"VIERA, Fla. (AP) — Charges have been dropped against a man who spent nearly three decades behind bars before DNA evidence cast doubt on his murder conviction, prosecutors in Florida said Wednesday.

William Dillon, 49, has been free on bond since last month, after a judge ordered a new trial because of testing that showed his DNA wasn't on key evidence from his 1981 conviction.

Prosecutors subsequently concluded that a jury wouldn't find Dillon guilty 'beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt,' Brevard County State Attorney Norman Wolfinger said Wednesday."

In scientific news....

Strange dark energy acts as galactic diet enforcer:

"WASHINGTON – Mysterious dark energy, which likely causes the universe to keep expanding, seems to have another effect: It prevents the biggest clusters of galaxies from getting too fat. Astronomers used X-rays to study the formation of galactic clusters billions of years ago. Their research supports the hard-to-fathom concept of dark energy as a potent force that governs the growth of the universe."

Scientist says he has found oldest spider web:

"The tiny tangled threads of the world's oldest spider web have been found encased in a prehistoric piece of amber, a British scientist said Monday. Oxford University paleobiologist Martin Brasier said the 140-million-year-old webbing provides evidence that arachnids had been ensnaring their prey in silky nets since the dinosaur age. He also said the strands were linked to each other in the roughly circular pattern familiar to gardeners the world over."

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