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DBT Week in Review - 1/23/09

How cool is this. If my love for the band wasn't so great, my jealousy would be overwhelming.

Via Chris P.

D.C. stop for Drive-By Truckers :

"Jim Messina, deputy chief of staff to President Obama, is a fan of the band and attended the party at the band's invitation, frontman Patterson Hood said from the band's tour bus, now on its way to New Haven, Conn.

'We met Jim in New York in November when we played the two nights there right after the election,' Hood said. 'He spent his off days going to both Drive-By Truckers shows. So we've just been getting to know him a little bit.'

Apparently Messina's not the only Truckers fan in the nation's capital - the band was invited to play one of the inaugural balls on Tuesday night, as well. But the band already had signed on to play the party and wasn't able to do both.

'So we kinda ended up missing out on an opportunity to actually play for Obama,' Hood said."

525 Worldwide:

"Booker T :: Potato Hole tracklisting:

01. Pound It Out
02. She Breaks
03. Hey Ya
04. Native New Yorker
05. Nan
06. Warped Sister
07. Get Behind The Mule
08. Reunion Time
09. Potato Hole
10. Space City"

Booker T. emerges from his 'Hole' -


Booker T Jones on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads:

"The album rolls through a selection of far-ranging compositions, each separate and distinct pieces that, by turn, manifest his characteristic adoration of the groove, exploring and exploiting each mood to the limit. Whether it's a case of cosmological serenity or funky staccato chicken peck work-outs, Jones' melodic vision and expansive arrangements are delivered with a mesmerizing quality. The album also pushes into sometime previously unvisited-by Jones territory: lead track 'Pound It Out' is a brawny, relentless exercise in hard rock, an intense, driving song that's far more of a head-banger than a blast of steam-heated soul.

If that seems out of place, you don't really know Mr. Jones; 'I like rock music, always have.' he said. 'Otis [Redding] did too, and we were getting into it a bit, but couldn't really do it back then. It just wasn't right for Stax.' The statement is more than a bit provocative, but the musician tosses out such revelations like carelessly hurled thunderbolts, an arsenal accrued over the course of his remarkable career."

Some great threads over on NB regarding the Athens weekend.

Also, a newbie requests info on Rock Show protocol and the fine folks at NB come through in spades. - Message Board • View topic - New to the Road:

"Is there anything you 'seasoned veterans' can suggest to a rookie? Anything standard protocol I should be made aware of? Is there any special lingo or rituals that really make the shows especially great? Do the 'regulars' do anything unique? What exactly is Cooleyville?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!"

Daniel has posted some great pics of the 40 Watt homecoming shows at

January 2009


Partial Late for Church Live!




Nuci's Space

If you aren't already aware of the Nuci's Space vs. City of Athens non-profit tax status, catch up here:

Alabama Ass Whuppin': 1.20.09 - Better Angels of our Nature

More on the matter.

Plexus goes a courtin' for Nuci's Space : Stephanie Sharp, President - Plexus

And of course the wonderful work DBT/DBT fans have done for/with Nuci's

Nuci's Space - Resource Center and Climate Controlled Practice Spaces for Musicians

Now, it is your job, dear reader, to send a nice note to the City of Athens stating that their position in this matter 'stinks' and that they should drop the case.

Be nice.

Athens-Clarke County Unified Government Official Web Site


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

I've been listening to the new record for a month now and it is simply divine. I've got a bunch of notes for a review if I can ever get around to writing it.

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit | The Tripwire



Want to kill some time today? Elliot from the Dexateens turns us on to a Van Halen/Astroids game. Blogs - VAN HALEN video game - Dexateens MySpace Blog:

"VAN HALEN video game

my buddy chuck sent me this link today.
if you like Van Halen, you will have fun with this.
if you lik Van Halen, but hate sammy hagar, you are gonna LOVE this."

Will Johnson

The Obama song that Will did for this project is incredible. Free download at the link.

'Mortal Men' Creators Craft A Song For Obama : NPR Music:

"Singer Will Johnson picks up the thought.

'It could have been easy to, after the last eight years, write a little more embittered type of song,' Johnson says.

Johnson is best-known for his work with the Texas band Centro-matic. He volunteered to sing the lead vocals on Kiefer's song, joining a long list of indie-rock performers who made guest appearances on the original Of Great and Mortal Men. Johnson says the new song looks forward instead of whining about the past."

Music I Like

Abraham on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Alabamica on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads:

"Mattias played with The Nymphet Noodlers, and The Hellacopters. Ludde plays drums for The (International) Noise Conspiracy. Nikke plays the P Bass for The National Teatern, and also played in Tottas Bluesband. J.R. was with The Quadrajets, and The Immortal Lee County Killers. Per plays in Division of Laura Lee, and RepoMan."


Springsteen: Music Can Influence Society:

"NEW YORK — Bruce Springsteen would like to think that music played a small part in helping Barack Obama become president."

I thought stabbings were included in the ticket price.

Four Stabbed At After-Party For Biggie Smalls Movie "Notorious"


Now this is a badass commercial.


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