Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Hippies

Excellent read:

Daily Kos: What We Need Are More Hippies


Mmmmm. Brains.

MRIs reveal possible source of woman's super-memory -

"A Southern California man employed in the entertainment business is the fourth person verified by scientists to have an ultra-rare memory gift: He recalls in detail most days of his life, as well as the day and date of key public events, says Larry Cahill, who co-leads a project on people with super-memory."

Not good.

Trees dying in the West at record rate:

"01-22) 11:30 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- Trees are dying faster than ever in the old-growth forests of California and the mountains of the West, a phenomenon scientists say is linked to rising regional temperatures and the destructive forces of early snowmelt, drought, forest fires and deadly insect infestations brought on by global warming."

Also, not good.

Clearer skies over Europe as fog halved in 30 years


You are what you eat.

2008 Food Products Hall of Shame

Foods You Can Trust Hall of Fame



davyproctorboy said...

JHW---Yay! I was feeling pretty down about my life, then read the "...More Hippes". Thanks.

AAW said...

Its a good one, Davy. Thought you might like that.