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The Taxman Needs to Goeth

Here's some follow up information on the Nuci's Space/Athens/Clarke County tax issue I blogged about yesterday:

Alabama Ass Whuppin': 1.20.09 - Better Angels of our Nature

Editorial: Don't deny tax exemption for Nuci's Space | Athens Banner-Herald:
"If, as the old saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result each time, then the Athens-Clarke County government's insistence on continuing a legal battle aimed at denying a property tax exemption to local nonprofit Nu�i's Space is, well ... insane."

According to this part of the editorial, it seems Nuci's is within their legal rights to be exempt from a property tax so I'm not sure why the ACC Unified Government is pitching a bitch.

"In 2007, the facility's executive director applied for a property tax exemption under a relatively new addition to state law that exempts nonprofits from property taxes even if they operate like a business. That law was added to the books in 2006, after winning overwhelming approval - by a 68 percent to 32 percent margin - in a 2006 statewide referendum."

The conclusion of the editorial pretty much nails it:

"Yet, despite the unmitigated clarity of the state law, despite a court ruling, despite the assessment of a board of citizens, and despite the fact that the federal government has granted nonprofit status to Nuci's Space, the Athens-Clarke County government stubbornly insists there is some issue at stake, an issue of such overweening importance that it justifies a continuing crusade against a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping a group of people who make Athens the unique community it is.

It's time to stop the madness. The county Board of Assessors should drop this case - now."

Here's a rebuttal editorial. Doesn't seem to hold much water, especially when author asks us to trust him and the tax board.

Yeah... right.

Winders: Tax challenge could be a good thing:

"Trust me, inspection of all will strengthen the entire system. In this case, the coming of the taxman should be a welcome sight."

So do some civic duty today and send an email to the ACC. Be nice (This really stinks) but express your opinion on why the ACC would want to create such an unbelievable image issue for themselves.

Athens-Clarke County Unified Government Official Web Site


I wish everyday could be like yesterday.

TV was like a best of BET marathon and it was awesome. I'm sick of seeing so much of whitey on the tube.

Check out the new site. There's seems to be some kind of CHANGE to it:

Welcome to the White House


Why elections matter.

WHouse stops pending Bush regulations for review:

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama's new administration ordered all federal agencies and departments on Tuesday to stop any pending regulations until they can be reviewed by incoming staff, halting last-minute Bush orders in their tracks."

Front pages from around the world. My favorite is posted below the link.

Daily Kos: Wednesdays Front Pages. International Edition. (updated)


And here's a real prayer. Rick Warren's was as awful as he is.

Rev. Lowery knocked it out of the park.

While I was thoroughly put off by the inclusion of Rick Warren, having Lowery follow him up was a clear contradiction. Obama is a smart guy even when he pisses me off a bit.

Crooks and Liars:

"Rev. Lowery's benediction, on the other hand, was surprisingly fiery, especially from the lips of an 87-year-old. Its wrapup was spine-tingling:

Help us then, now, Lord, to work for that day when nation shall not lift up sword against nation, when tanks will be beaten into tractors, when every man and every woman shall sit under his or her own vine and fig tree, and none shall be afraid; when justice will roll down like waters and righteousness as a mighty stream.

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around -- (laughter) -- when yellow will be mellow -- (laughter) -- when the red man can get ahead, man -- (laughter) -- and when white will embrace what is right.

Let all those who do justice and love mercy say amen."

A main vein street in San Francisco is named 'Bush' Street. Yesterday morning someone took Obama stickers and placed them over all of the street signs on Bush.

Check out the pictures.

Inaugural Journey Blog


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