Thursday, February 05, 2009

Warped Sister

Pitchfork has posted one of the songs from the upcoming Booker T/DBT/Neil Young collaboration "Potato Hole"

Via Jenn

"Warped Sister" [Stream] | Pitchfork:

"For Potato Hole, his first solo album in a really, really long time, Stax house organist and MGs frontman Booker T. Jones recruited the Drive-By Truckers and Neil Young as his backing band. Wisely, they don't shoot for the in-the-pocket grooves of the MGs: Very few groups, instrumental or otherwise, have ever sounded so preternaturally tight. Instead, on 'Warped Sister', the scratchy guitars churn steadily while the rhythm section chug away reliably. Trucker drummer Brad Morgan is crucial here: His beat is unflappable, and his cowbell guides the song through its false ending and out the other side. Despite the high-profile support players, Booker T. clearly takes the lead, opening with gigantic chords before coaxing out a surprisingly catchy melody from his organ. He gets so much texture and nuance out of his instrument that it sounds like it's actually forming words."

This probably interests no one but me, but....


'They got a name for the winners in the world....'

Alabama wins another recruiting national title:

"When it was crunch time, Alabama coach Nick Saban pulled out the Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer and pounded his way to his second consecutive recruiting national championship."

Krugman is about the only Traditional media type that's worth reading these days.

Bipartisanship is for suckers.

Never saw the media so concerned with 'bipartisanship' during the BushCo years.

Bipartisan bromides - Paul Krugman Blog -

"But the part that really got me was Broder saying that we need “the best ideas from both parties.”

You see, this isn’t a brainstorming session — it’s a collision of fundamentally incompatible world views. If one thing is clear from the stimulus debate, it’s that the two parties have utterly different economic doctrines. Democrats believe in something more or less like standard textbook macroeconomics; Republicans believe in a doctrine under which tax cuts are the universal elixir, and government spending is almost always bad.

Obama may be able to get a few Republican Senators to go along with his plan; or he can get a lot of Republican votes by, in effect, becoming a Republican. There is no middle ground."

Geez, nobody could have predicted that this conservative kiss-ass give away would never work.

They're building freakin' ramps to jump over the wall. Made a game of it.

So stupid.

What did Reagan say about 'tearing down' some wall?

US border fence found remarkably ineffective and difficult to complete


Horrible story. But that's not what caught me eye. After 7 or so paragraphs detailing the horrors this boy endured, the article ends weirdly:

Shackled Tracy boy stumbled on means of escape:

"Among the items seized from the home were knives, bottles of Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort, and chains attached to a sports punching bag hanging in the garage, where the boy also apparently stayed, authorities said."

Julio is a good friend of my old roommate. He use to come over for house parties and Tommy's is probably my favorite Mexican restaurant in San Francisco.

Tommy's has more different types of tequila on hand than any other SF restaurant.

Bay Area distillers play around with Tequila:

"Julio Bermejo, a Tequila expert who runs the bar at Tommy's Mexican Restaurant in the Richmond District, has an entirely different plan that involves regular travel south. He's almost done building a distillery that he expects to open by the end of the year in Jesus Maria, a town near Arandas in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico."

No further comment needed.

Hippo Swallows Dwarf!



Sherman_Hemsley said...

Saban quite obviously knows what he's doing.

On another note, the upcoming Austin City Limits performance will unfortunately not be shown on Alabama Public Television on February 7...for reasons unbeknownst to me, they are keeping us in suspense until February 15.

JPW said...

Great screen name, Sherm!

Yeah, Saban is da man. Love that guy.

I'll be catching the ACL show next Friday, so you ain't alone. Really looking forward to see it.