Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pork by any other name.....

How nice was it to have an actual President actually 'speak' last night. Barrack rocks.

The best part was when Richard Shelby scooted up to Obama when Obama was entering the hall. Shelby looked like he was apologizing in that special Republican way for the birth certificate gaffe and Obama graciously accepted the apology. Republicans in general last night upon Obama's entrance looked like a bunch of school girls trying to get in a hand shake.

Once you go Barrack....

Another reason Obama rocks:

"Dear President Obama": The President Reads 10 Letters a Day from the Public, With Policy Ramifications:

"Every day President Barack Obama is handed a special purple folder. The folder contains ten letters, and every day President Obama takes time to read them.

Are they from world leaders? From members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Members of the intelligence community?

No, these letters have been culled from the thousands the White House Correspondence Office receives each day from Americans who have taken the time to sit down and write to their president."

Your liberal media... not so liberal.

File this under 'no-shit'.

'Self-censoring' journalists gave visual nod to GOP: study:

"Journalists, so concerned with being accused of having a liberal agenda, will at times overreact by self-censoring themselves, resulting in more favorable coverage of Republicans, a new analysis of television coverage finds.

A book by two Indiana University professors details their study of the three broadcast networks' -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- presidential campaign coverage from 1992 to 2004. According to the analysis, the coverage favored Republican candidates in each election.

'We don't think this is journalists conspiring to favor Republicans. We think they're just so beat up and tired of being accused of a liberal bias that they unknowingly give Republicans the benefit in coverage,' said Maria Elizabeth Grabe, an associate professor at IU, who along with Associate Professor Erik Bucy, wrote Image Bite Politics: News and the Visual Framing of Elections. 'It's self-censorship that journalists might be imposing on themselves.'"


Torture Commission Senate | Salon News:

"'We have this American government, which has an architecture and a shape and a system that drives it and constrains it and that keeps it honest,' he said. 'And what happened is that the Bush administration figured out a lot of ways to tunnel through the walls and sneak over the fences. So now we need to go back and say, 'We have got to plant those walls deeper so you can not tunnel under them.' We've got to spotlight how they did it,' Whitehouse explained. 'The ultimate goal in this is to protect and enhance American democracy.'"


Republicans and Blue Dogs.... workin' on the important stuff.

House Reps Want To Ban Products That Beat Drug Tests:

"Hoping to ride on the tattered coattails of Alex Rodriguez, three members of Congress plan to introduce legislation to ban products intended to help a person beat a drug test. Republican Reps. Jean Schmidt (Ohio), Lee Terry (Nebraska) and Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel (N.Y.) make the argument, in a letter to colleagues, that if Rodriguez couldn't get away with using drugs, then neither should ordinary Americans."

At least be prepared with something?!? Jeez.

"This bill is full of pork. Bacon is literally hanging off the side of it. Pork, pork, pork, PORK!!!"

"Name one piece of pork"


Classic conservative noise. Sound and fury signifying nothing.


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