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DBT Week in Review - 3/27/09

All y'all troll the Dallas Craigslist the next few weeks to see if any of the gear pops up. I'm betting that the thief is sitting on the stuff for a while to let the dust settle.

Keep that dust stirred.

craigslist: dallas / fort worth

Help our sweet Jess Barr get back his shiny gold guitar!:

"Stolen Equipment
Hey everybody, Slobberbone / The Drams are some of our closest friends. Please be on the lookout for this stuff if you live near Dallas and send it to any friends you have nearby. PLEASE EMAIL ME at if you have any info! Included are pics of the Les Paul...

Message from Jess Barr, guitarist for Slobberbone / The Drams:

Early this morning my car was broken into and all of my equipment was stolen. This includes my red matchless clubman 35 head and cabinet, my black gig bag with cables and pedals, and, most importantly, my gibson les paul goldtop. If you know anything about this or happen to run across any of theses items at a pawn shop,etc. please let me know. No questions will be asked. Obviously, these are all just material possessions that can be replaced, but on a sentimental level it's pretty devastating. So if you could spread the word and keep your eyes open for me, it would be greatly appreciated.


p.s. If you see me playing air guitar at the next gig, please just pretend that I'm shredding on some sweet solos."


And just for the record ABAAC is a great album. I find myself coming back to it more and more.

Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood | Music | A.V. Club:

"The A.V. Club recently talked to Patterson Hood, DBT’s chief singer-songwriter, about the band’s new material, our new president, and the duality of Lyndon Johnson."


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit - Soldiers Get Strange on Blurt Online


Dexateens Blogs - The 50th Annual Meek High School Chitlin Supper! - Dexateens MySpace Blog

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the Chitlin Supper at Meek High School in Arley,AL. My mother graduated from Meek High in 1967. She had the distinct pleasure of being named the Chitlin Queen one year. This was an event that she would have to drag us to over the years. My dad graduated from Curry High just over the Walker County line. My sister and I went to Walker High, a city school for god’s sakes! Why would we be caught somewhere they serve hog guts?

I have grown to appreciate the Supper more and more over the years. There’s nothing slick about it except a few of the politicians who take the stage to pander for votes. Entertainment ranges from the awful American Idolesque karaoke to traditional gospel and country. I’ve even seen buck dancing from time to time. This year our very own Lee Bains III will grace the stage for an acoustic set. His first Chitlin Supper was last year and I’m glad it seems to have stuck.

Proceeds from the Supper go to a good cause. Meek High School marching band members are cleaning chitlns at an alarming rate at the moment. 400 or 500 pounds I’m told. After the chitlins are cleaned, they are boiled, pressure cooked and then fried. Experts encourage you to drizzle them with vinegar before taking a bite. The band will bake and fry up about 800 pounds of chicken as well for those of you too chicken to try chitlins. For more info:


Saints Don't Bother: IN CAHOOTS: The Dexateens:

"In Cahoots is a reoccuring feature here at Saints Don't Bother where we chat with various artists and bands. This past week, we caught up with John Smith, one of the vocalists and guitarists in The Dexateens, who will be at Barley's on Saturday night with Lucero. Since they are on the road, we emailed back and forth some questions, answers and random tidbits about the South, music and college football. See what you think, and check'em out!"


Bettye LaVette
Via Jayne Clamp Yahoo Board

Free MP3: Bettye LaVette Does Neil Young on Blurt Online


Music I like

Two weeks ago I finally bought Bingham's first album. Haven't stopped listening to it since and am trying to learn a couple of his songs on guitar. I'm eat up with it.

Harmonious Feedback: New Ryan Bingham Album May 5th:

"Finally, some news worth reporting. May 5th is apparently the drop date for Ryan Bingham's second album, Roadhouse Sun on Lost Highway Records. The album is again produced by Marc Fuckin' Ford (ex Black Crowes) and utilizes Bingham's backing band, The Dead Horses.

Here's the official press release text that is currently floating around on the interwebs:"

Check out The Archibalds from Austine TX. Joey is a Northern Alabama boy.

The Archibalds, Rock, Sonicbids EPK - Sonicbids

In 2009, there is no higher praise for a band than being refreshingly (yet progressively) anachronistic. So, it is with Austin, Texas quartet, The Archibalds. Since forming in the sweaty summer of 2006, The Archibalds have tapped into that crossroads where new meets old, country meets rock, and pop meets avant-garde, effortlessly creating something undeniably unique. With a sound that is equal parts pure rock and roll and genre bending deviance, The Archibalds draw comparisons to Beck, Dr. Dog, and fellow Texans, The Gourds.

The band released their debut album O Camellia in 2007, which garnered them critical success including a listing as a “Band to Watch in 2008” from the Austin Chronicle. Since then, the band has embarked on their first tour, been featured on the Austin imprint Almost There Records’ annual compilation as well as their Big Star tribute compilation, and in December 2008, the band released their second full-length record titled Easy Living on Superpop! Records.

Throughout Easy Living, singer/guitarist/songwriter Joey Thompson mines for material in the trailer parks and landfills of the American South. Just as he turned a critical eye to his home state of Alabama on O Camellia, Easy Living takes on the South in general, documenting the characters that lurk there on the back roads and in the shadows. There is a literary attention to detail in these songs which lends empathy to these characters without losing a sense of humor about everything they encounter, from sex and religion to unemployment and the apocalypse.


Good read but he dings Bruce for the Wal-Mart thing and fails to address his own complicity in the goddamn Chevy Truck 'This is our Country' clap-trap.

John Mellencamp: On My Mind: The State of the Music Business:

"Had the industry not been decimated by a lack of vision caused by corporate bean counters obsessed with the bottom line, musicians would have been able to stick with creating music rather than trying to market it as well."
"Reagan's much-vaunted trickle-down theory said that wealth tricked down to the masses from the elite at the top. Now we've found out that this is patently untrue -- the current economic collapse reflects this self-serving folly. The same holds for music. It doesn't trickle down; it percolates up from the artists, from word of mouth, from the streets and rises up to the general populace. Constrained by the workings of SoundScan/BDS, music now came from the top and was rammed down people's throats."

Alpha Media Shutters Blender - Advertising Age - MediaWorks:

"NEW YORK ( -- Alpha Media Group closed Blender magazine today, eliminating about 30 jobs and reducing its portfolio of titles to Maxim alone. The April issue of Blender out now will be its last."

Green Day: Back in Black (Eyeliner, that is):

"Nearly five years after the release of their 2004 blockbuster American Idiot—it sold some 12 million copies worldwide, and yielded five singles—the boys from Berkeley return this spring with their eighth studio album, 21st Century Breakdown (not including, lest we forget, a little 2007 side project). And now we have an official release date! It's May 15, though you can get lead single 'Know Your Enemy' digitally sooner, on a soon-to-be-announced day in April."

U2: The Y! Music Interview, Part 1 - Maximum Performance


Metallica's Not-So-Secret SXSW Show As 'Young Band From Norway'


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