Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Of Dogs and Cats and Republicants

Where up is down and white is black and the traditional news media can't tell the difference between its ass and a hole in the ground.

Yes, show us.

Daily Kos: Bizarro GOP world


Met with Republican Rep. Mary Bono Mack from Riverside County's Coachella Valley. While a social moderate, Sonny Bono's widow is a solid conservative. Talked to her about Obama's $780 billion stimulus legislation. She's outraged that the plan has "$1 billion wasted on a magnetic-levitation train from L.A. to Sin City" - all at Nevada Sen. Harry Reid's doing.

After expressing my doubt that the Las Vegas line was actually in the bill's language, Bono Mack directs her staff to "get him the bill, it's right there, show him." A few minutes later, a staffer emerges with a copy and quietly says "it's not in the bill."

This is what happens when Republicans listen to their Dear Leader Rush Limbaugh. Alternate realities have a habit of colliding with the real world. And while the GOP's alternate reality once held sway in this country, those days are long past.

If Republicans want to keep themselves from being embarrassed like this time and time again, they might want to stop getting their information from conservative radio or Fox News:


Damn bloggers and their making up shit.... oh, wait.

I'm no economics whiz by any stretch. But you'd figure that ABC would, you know, have some people on staff who actually knew a little something about something.

Does ABC News understand how income tax works?:

"In reality, a family earning $255,000 will pay the higher tax rate only on its last $5,001 in income; the first $249,999 will continue to be taxed at the old rate. So intentionally lowering your income from $255,000 to $249,999 is counter-productive; it will result in a lower after-tax income."


Hell, I'm smitten with Jack Cafferty because of his smitteness with Michelle Obama.

Commentary: My crush on Michelle Obama -


Now this is an interesting filtration system. Kitty sativa.

Cat In Bong: Man Arrested For Smoking Bong With Cat Inside (VIDEO):

"In one of this week's more bizarre stories, a Nebraska man was arrested for smoking marijuana out of a bong that had his cat stuffed inside. The man, who claims he was trying to calm down his hyperactive pet, faces animal cruelty charges but thankfully the cat, who was understandably disoriented, seems to be on the road to a full recovery:"


Got to give some equal billing to the dog.




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