Monday, March 02, 2009

Rushing into Oblivion

I watched Oliver Stone's "W." over the weekend. I figured I could tolerate watching since old W is no longer in office.

A lot of reviews said the movie mad a human out of "W.".

I happen to agree.

Pretty good flick.


I'm starting to really love Rahm.

It is freaky seeing Democrats have message control. Freaky-good, but not something I'm use to yet.

Rahm On Rush: He's The Voice, Energy And Intellect Of The GOP:

"SCHIEFFER: We talked about Newt Gingrich a lot this morning and now you bring up Rush Limbaugh. Who do you think now speaks for the Republican Party?

EMANUEL: You just named him: it is Rush Limbaugh. He has laid out his vision, in my view. And he said it clearly. I compliment him for that. He's been very up front and I compliment him for that. He's not hiding. He's asked for President Obama and called for President Obama to fail. That's his view. And that's what he has enunciated. And whenever a Republican criticizes him, they have to run back and apologize to him and say they were misunderstood. He is the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party. He has been up front about what he views and hasn't stepped back from that, which is he hopes for failure. He said it and I compliment him for his honesty. But that's their philosophy that is enunciated by Rush Limbaugh and I think that's the wrong philosophy for America..."

Yes. Excellent. Fully support. Just because you get elected once doesn't mean you should never be challenged in a primary again.

Democracy.... smells like... well, Democracy!

Get rid of some of these damn Blue Dogs in the process, too.

'Accountability Now': Bloggers And Progressive Groups Plan To Challenge Elected Dems:

"Some of the most prominent names in progressive politics launched a major new organization on Thursday dedicated to pinpointing and aiding primary challenges against incumbent Democrats who are viewed as acting against their constituents' interests."

It ain't a day in the week, unless a Republican is lying.

A Republican is lying.

Jindal Admits Katrina Story Was False



Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers - science-in-society - 27 February 2009 - New Scientist


My, my. Repealing marijuana prohibition is in the news an awful lot these days.

Holder Vows To End Raids On Medical Marijuana Clubs:

"Attorney General Eric Holder said at a press conference Wednesday that the Justice Department will no longer raid medical marijuana clubs that are established legally under state law. His declaration is a fulfillment of a campaign promise by President Barack Obama, and marks a major shift from the previous administration."

Hurry up and find the switch.

Is Aging an Accident of Evolution? -A Galaxy Insight:

"Everyone has assumed we age by rust. But how do you explain animals that don't age? Some tortoises lay eggs at the age of 100, there are whales that live to be 200 and clams that make it past 400 years.'

Stuart Kim, PhD, Stanford University professor of developmental biology and genetics

Prevailing theory of aging challenged by Stanford University Medical School researchers. Their discovery contradicts the prevailing theory that aging is a buildup of tissue damage similar to rust. The Stanford findings suggest specific genetic instructions drive the process. If they are right, science might one day find ways of switching the signals off and halting or even reversing aging."

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