Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Tools

Yeah, seriously, why not?

Siegelman: Stevens Case Is Dropped, So Why Not Mine?



Jake Tapper Is an April Fool


Douchebag Tool.

Joe The Plumber Admits He Knows “Little” About EFCA, Gets Jeered By Workers


Scary shit. Thanks, BushCo.

Police 'fusion' centers criticized for tracking Ron Paul, Barr, McKinney supporters:

"Fusion centers are intelligence databases spread out across the country that collect data on ordinary citizens and synchronize national intelligence collection with local police. There are currently more than 40 fusion centers in the country."

I'd like to own a baby sun.

Scientists take another stab at nuclear fusion:

"After more than a decade of work and an investment of $3.5 billion, scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory say they have created a super laser that will enable them to build a miniature sun within the lab in the next two years."

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