Thursday, April 09, 2009

Living in Fear is just another way to vote Republican

Should have known better than to mess with a ship named 'Alabama'.

Crew regain control of hijacked ship off Somalia | International | Reuters

The 17,000 tonne Maersk Alabama, a U.S.-flagged, Danish-owned container ship is seen in this undated handout image, taken when the ship was named differently, released to Reuters on April 8, 2009. Somali pirates hijacked the Maersk Alabama,on Wednesday with 20 American crew on board in a major escalation in attacks at sea off the Horn of Africa nation, officials said.

GOP are a bunch of assholes who have no clue how or the desire to govern. Big fucking surprise.

The freshman Dems.... no, 95% of all elected Dems better learn how to hit back and hit back hard.

GOP acting like 'schoolyard bullies,' Dem congresswoman complains

Baracknophobia: Hannity, Bachmann, And Beck Terrified Of Obama (VIDEO)

Extremist rhetoric won't rebuild GOP - Michael A. Cohen -


Rick Sanchez finds a nut and deserves a pat on the head.

(Unfortunately, Lauderdale County finds its way into this piece:


HAHAHAHAHAH! Oh Noes! The gays are going to take our freedom and give it a really nice haircut and a new outfit. Oh Noes!


Daily Kos: The Scary Gay People are Taking Over

What? Wait. Those are actors? Not real, gay-fearing 'Mericans?

Audition tapes found of phony "testimonial" ad created by anti-gay groups:

"They're running ads telling the stories of 'real' people who have been 'hurt' by gay marriage. Too bad someone found the audition tapes for the ads - you'll get to see lots of real actors telling the same 'personal' story over and over and over. These people are pathetic. If there are so many 'real' people hurt by our civil rights, then why do they have to hire actors at all? Because it's all a big lie, brought to your during Holy Week, of all things. Amazing."

Somtimes I love Hitchen's drunk ass. Totally owns a christian fundie.

Christian nation my ass.


Here's another history lesson for whack-jobs.

When you're old and have neck cancer you don't really have to take shit off of anybody at anytime.

Roger Ebert destroys O'Liely:

Thoughts on Bill O'Reilly and Squeaky the Chicago Mouse :: :: News &

"Dear Bill: Thanks for including the Chicago Sun-Times on your exclusive list of newspapers on your 'Hall of Shame.' To be in an O'Reilly Hall of Fame would be a cruel blow to any newspaper. It would place us in the favor of a man who turns red and starts screaming when anyone disagrees with him. My grade-school teacher, wise Sister Nathan, would have called in your parents and recommended counseling with Father Hogben.

Yes, the Sun-Times is liberal, having recently endorsed our first Democrat for President since LBJ. We were founded by Marshall Field one week before Pearl Harbor to provide a liberal voice in Chicago to counter the Tribune, which opposed an American war against Hitler. I'm sure you would have sided with the Trib at the time.

I understand you believe one of the Sun-Times misdemeanors was dropping your syndicated column. My editor informs me that 'very few' readers complained about the disappearance of your column, adding, 'many more complained about Nancy.' I know I did. That was the famous Ernie Bushmiller comic strip in which Sluggo explained that 'wow' was 'mom' spelled upside-down."

And the wheels keep turning.

Exponential times.

Modern life's pressures may be hastening human evolution:

"WASHINGTON — We're not finished yet. Even today, scientists say that human beings are continuing to evolve as our genes respond to rapid changes in the world around us.

In fact, the pressures of modern life may be speeding up the pace of human evolution, some anthropologists think."

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