Thursday, May 07, 2009

Blame America Firsters

In which Hell freezes over.... or....

'....Lyin' sacks of shit'

Sessions: I Could Support Pro-Choice Or Gay Supreme Court Nominee (VIDEO):


The 'Blame America First' crowd in action:

Less than two-thirds of southerners and Republicans pledge allegiance to the USA


Northern Alabama.... blazing into the 20th century.

House supports draft beer proposal | | Florence, AL


It is nice that there are those Democrats who are telling Reid to 'suck it'.

Update: Reporter says Specter wasn’t joking about endorsing Coleman:

"UPDATE 2: The Democratic leader in the Senate promised Sen. Arlen Specter he would retain his seniority when he jumped from the Republican to the Democratic party, Specter told CNN Wednesday, but faced “pushback” from other Democratic senators.

“Sen. (Harry) Reid said that I would maintain my committee assignments and that my seniority would be established as if I’d been elected in 1980 as a Democrat,” the long-serving Pennsylvania senator told CNN’s Dana Bash.

The full Senate voted Tuesday to strip Specter of his seniority, dropping him to the bottom of the pile on every committee he sits on."

I guess a 'myth' wouldn't mind my foot in his ass, then, would he.

Fuck that guy.

Margaret Carlson: Rove ‘really rattled’ by Obama:

"Former White House adviser Karl Rove admitted during a debate about “the partisan divide” in Washington on Monday that the atmosphere is “poisonous,” but he refused to take any personal responsibility for the situation.

“The atmosphere in Washington D.C. is too poisonous and has been for the last 16 years,” Rove stated. However, when asked about his own role in creating this divisiveness, he responded, “I’m a myth.”"

More shitty Democrats.

I mean, really. Your kid shouldn't be watching TV anyway.

Congressman: No Viagra before 10 p.m. � - Blogs from

"WASHINGTON (CNN) - Former presidential candidate Robert Dole made headlines as a pitchman for Viagra, and now a decade later a Virginia congressman wants to limit the time when ads for this and similar products can air.

Last month, Democratic Rep. Jim Moran introduced the 'Families for ED Advertising Decency Act,' which prevents erectile dysfunction and male enhancement ads from appearing on radio and television between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

'This [the advertisements] is an intrusion into our daily lives that I believe has become inappropriate.' Moran said in an interview with CNN. 'There is a saturation of the television airwaves with these E.D. ads, and they have gotten more pervasive, more blunt, and less subtle.'"

These kids are alright.

Young Americans Losing Their Religion - ABC News:

"New research shows young Americans are dramatically less likely to go to church -- or to participate in any form of organized religion -- than their parents and grandparents."


Minneapolis Life in the Cubicle Examiner: The seven habits of highly effective slackers

There is a common misperception in the workplace that effective and productive people fit into the go-getter, proactive, or highly organized mold. While it may be true that these people are often rewarded for their seemingly productive ways, their productivity levels are actually well below those of the effective slacker.

Go-getters are always busy but they only focus on tasks that get noticed by executives. These tasks are usually highly visible but rarely important to the success of the company.

Proactive types are also always busy but their proactiveness leads to an eventual interference of completing higher priority work.

Highly organized employees waste their lives away inside Microsoft Project and their FranklinCovey weekly planner.

On the other hand, the effective slacker quietly performs all the duties required of him perfectly and quickly. An effective slacker always delivers on time, usually because they had it done months ago and made sure no one else was aware. Regardless, the effective slacker is the invisible engine of Fortune 500 corporations. Without them, large organizations are just a large stack of cards waiting to crumble.


And speaking of slacking....

Though it is a Zogby poll which mean these numbers could be totally pulled out of John Zogby's ass.

Majority Of Americans Want Pot Legalized: Zogby Poll:

"A majority of Americans, in a poll released Wednesday, say it 'makes sense to tax and regulate' marijuana. The Zogby poll, commissioned by the conservative-leaning O'Leary Report, surveyed 3,937 voters and found 52 percent in favor of legalization. Only 37 percent opposed."

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